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"Hey Stella!" Marlon Brando, "A Streetcar Named Desire" 1951
Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Puzzle by Julian Lim / Edited by Will Shortz

The American Film Institute, e.g., AFI (11A. Movie org. that created a top-100 list from which all of this puzzle’s quotes come), publishes a list of 100 movie quotes ranked by number — 100 years… 100 movie quotes. The number one quote is “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” from Gone with the Wind, 1939. Today’s entertaining crossword gives us six more:

HERE’S JOHNNY (17A. Memorable movie line spoken by … Jack Nicholson)
I SEE DEAD PEOPLE (22A. … Haley Joel Osment)
YOU HAD ME AT HELLO (37A. … Renee Zellweger)
STELLA, HEY STELLA (40A. … Marlon Brando)
I WANT TO BE ALONE (46A. … Greta Garbo)
E T PHONE HOME (58A. … Debra Winger [heard but not seen])

Other — AHN Philip, ALI (53A. 2001 Will Smith biopic), Gregg ALLMAN, ANI DiFranco, HE-MEN (43A. Many Sylvester Stallone characters), JED (18D. President Bartlet of “The West Wing”), LANCE (1A. Disgraced Armstrong), LOEW’S (53D. Bygone theater chain), Zubin MEHTA, Milo O’SHEA, PSY (10D. “Gangnam Style” rapper), SAMUEL Barber, Tito PUENTE, Martha RAYE, TALENT (30D. What “America’s Got,” on NBC), WALL-E (47D. 2008 Pixar robot).



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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 2. Energize, informally; 14. Item in a squirrel’s hoard; 15. Duct outflow; 16. One may play something by this; 19. Boarding house?: Abbr.; 20. Tito of Latin Jazz; 21. Ulster, e.g.; 26. Hand-held organizer briefly; 27. Aromatherapist’s supply; 28. Target; 31. Flawed, as mdse.; 34. Bern’s river; 41. Digital communication, for short?; 42. Conjure up; 48. Capp and Kaline; 55. Cuckoo; 56. Cheesy treats; 57. Snap, Crackle or Pop; 64. Nautical hazard; 65. Victors’ shout; 66. Kinsey topic; 67. Adorable one; 68. Many a deli offering. — DOWN: 1. “Well, ___-di-dah!”; 2. Star pitcher; 3. Hammerfest’s locale: Abbr.; 4. Often-filled breakfast food; 5. Come next; 6. Do penance; 7. Maestro Zubin; 8. Like French doors; 9. Mantel piece; 11. There was always a point to what he wrote; 12. Like some attractions; 13. Steamed; 21. Mustard, for one: Abbr.; 22. Mad magazine’s Usual Gang of ___; 23. Barber who composed “Adagio for Strings”; 24. Some laureates; 25. Pizza slice, often; 26. ___ visit (drops in); 29. Calder Cup rink org.; 31. Texter’s “As I see it …”; 32. Stink; 33. Martha a k a the Big Mouth; 34. Rocker Gregg who married Cher; 35. Alternative form of a gene; 36. Dappled horses; 38. Shipboard crane; 39. Shoebox letters; 44. Tiny soldier; 48. Gray matter output; 48. Tack on; 49. Baked, so to speak; 50. Religion founded in Persia; 51. Where to learn anglais; 52. Philip of “Kung Fu”; 54. Milo of “The Verdict”; 58. Key to the left of F1; 59. Ascension Day, e.g.: Abbr.; 60. Avian pal of Eeyore; 61. Extinct flightless bird; 62. The ___ [fittingly].


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