04.06.13 — The Saturday Crossword

Saturday, April 6, 2013
Puzzle by Michael Wiesenberg / Edited by Will Shortz

Twelve eleven-letter entries constitute the main feature of this Saturday crossword:

DEPOSIT ONLY (1A. What many checks are for)
UTILITY POLE (15A. One holding the line)
BANANA CREAM (17A. Alternative to lemon chiffon)
DAILY MIRROR (49A. London tabloid)
OKSANA BAIUL (53. 1994 Olympic skating champion)
SILVER STATE (55A. Neighbor of the Gem of the Mountains)
OVERSTRUNG (12D. Very tense)
DILETTANTE (13D. Dabbler)
DRY ROASTED (14D. Like some nuts)
ICELANDERS (25D. Their anthem is “Lofsongur”)
DRILL PRESS (27D. It’s boring bits can be quite long)



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THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 12. Eyebrow-raising; 16. Man, to Marcus; 18. 1960s Greystoke portrayer; 19. Chelsea-to-Chinatown dir.; 20. Like some evidence in arson cases; 21. More likely to encounter; 23. Label for the Bee Gees; 24. Handles; 25. Rajiv’s mother; 28. Victor Herbert’s “naughty” girl; 29. Thomas called the Queen of Memphis Soul; 30. Long meals?; 31. Hall monitors, briefly; 32. Like Bush Sr., religiously; 33. Pod : whales :: knot : ___; 34. Land animals?; 35. Quick “ha ha”, 36. Apt to strike out; 37. Sidewalk scam; 35. A wide variety; 40. Went back and forth; 41. Notably high populace; 42. Joins; 43. He signed 5-Down in 1940; 44. Bark part; 45. Bitter, e.g.; 48. Chemical ending; 49. London tabloid; 52. Laugh, in Lille; 53. 1994 Olympic skating champion; 54. One of a pair of fraternal twins, maybe; 55. Neighbor of the Gem of the Mountains. — DOWN: 1. Nicknames; 2. Terminal projections, briefly; 3. Cabinetry option; 4. Motor additive?; 5. “Witchcraft” singer; 6. Minnesota county west of St. Louis; 7. Large lunar crater; 8. “Live at the ___” (Patsy Cline album); 9. Biblical boater, in Brest; 10. Colombian cowboys; 11. Mocha residents; 22. Punch choice; 23. Has something; 24. Having missed the bell, say; 25. Their anthem is “Lofsöngur”; 28. Liver and kidney; 30. Has over; 33. Japanese glaze; 34 Bikers’ mounts; 36. Finely tempered swords; 37. Game requiring many plug-ins?; 39. Nordic flyer; 40. Home to Liszt and Goethe; 42. American Revolution’s “Mad Anthony”; 44. Pomeranian, e.g.; 46. Yahoo; 47. First name in mystery; 50. 25-Down occupy one: Abbr.; 51. Landfill visitor.


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