04.09.13 — Go On Ahead!

Paul Strand, Bowler Hat
Tuesday, April 9, 2013
Puzzle by Steve Blais / Edited by Will Shortz
GO ON A HEAD (60A. “I’ll catch up!” … or what the ends of 17-, 23-, 37 and 48-Across do?), PRO BOWLER (17A. Merlin Olsen, 14 times), BOYZ ‘N THE HOOD (23A. 1991 John Singleton film), SHRINKING ICE CAP (37A. Global warning concern), SOAPBOX DERBY (48A. Annual 29-Down since 1934) constitute the interrelated group of this polite Tuesday crossword.


But his face you could not see,
On account of his Beaver Hat.
For his Hat was a hundred and two feet wide,
With ribbons and bibbons on every side,
And bells, and buttons, and loops, and lace
So that nobody ever could see the face
Of the Quangle Wangle Quee.

Edward Lear, The Quangle Wangle’s Hat
Key & Peele clowning people who leave labels and stickers on their hats…


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Steak cut; 6. Letters before an alias; 9. Tropical nuts; 14. Christmas seasons; 15. Hawaiian vacation souvenir; 16. “Stop!,” at sea; 19. Full of life; 20. Work unit; 21. McKellen of “X-Men”; 22. Military counterassault; 27. Aegean Sea island; 28. The hare, e.g., in “The Tortoise and the Hare”; 32. “Swan Lake” attire; 34. Part of a squeeze play; 36. ___ mode; 41. Peep from a sheep; 42. Items up one’s sleeve, maybe; 43. Mideast’s Gulf of ___; 44. Not in custody; 47. The “O” in P.L.O.: Abbr.; 54. Utilize, as one’s strengths; 57. Pindar offering; 58 “Don’t Bring Me Down” grp.; 59. Like Cheerios; 63. Give a name to; 54. It borders the Black Sea: Abbr.; 65. San Diego baseball; 66. How many winks are made; 67. Submissions to an ed.; 68. Ford failure of the late ‘50s. — DOWN: 1. Easygoing, personality wise; 2. Small donkey; 3. Science suffix; 4. S. Dak. Neighbor; 5. Paul Anka’s “___ Beso”; 5. Object of a haiji’s praise; 7. Nancy Drew creator Carolyn; 8. It’s all around you; 9. Ones creating a lot of buzz in the music industry?; 10. Exaggerate; 11. Like Z, alphabetically; 12. ___ Spumante; 13. Eye woe; 18. Comedians; 22. Georg of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra; 24. Tubes on the dinner table; 25. Pluralizable word; 26. Puts out to dry, say; 29. Speed competition; 30. Rickman of the Harry Potter films; 31. Siesta; 32. The “id” in “id est”; 33. River through Kazakhstan; 34. Upper arm muscle, informally; 35. Feminine one in France?; 37. It doesn’t lend to Fortune 500 cos.; 38. Stevens’s replacement on the Supreme Court; 39. “Here’s my ___”; 40. Nose out; 45. Also; 46. Andy once of “60 Minutes”; 47. Pullers in pairs; 49. Bibliophile’s love; 50. Smells; 51. Oboes and others; 52. Proclaim vociferously; 53. Mountain song; 54. Kids connect them; 55. Method of shipping goods; 56. Courtroom fig.; 60. Something to chew on; 61. King Kong, e.g.; 62.Gave birth to.


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