12.25.07 -- Christmas

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

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Puzzle by Nancy Salomon, edited by Will Shortz
Christmas has arrived at The New York Times! The greeting from Nancy Salomon and Will Shortz is given in five languages, once each in French, Danish, Spanish, Italian, and four times in English. Merry Christmas!
JOYEUXNOEL (17A. “Merry Christmas” to the French);
GLAEDELIGJUL (29A. “Merry Christmas” to the Danes);
FELIZNAVIDAD (47A. “Merry Christmas” to Spaniards); and
BUONNATALE (64A. “Merry Christmas” to Italians).

This is a crossword puzzle that has everything -- including LAMPS (26A. Genie holders) just in case you forgot to include something on your Christmas wish list. Here’s what’s under the tree:

Across: 1. Sword handles; 6. Worker’s due; 10. Wood-shaping tool; 14. “One for My Baby” composer Harold; 15. Horse course; 16. One of nine in golf; 19. Antique autos; 20. Tipple; 21. Winter melon; 23. “Atlas Shrugged” author Rand; 24. Shooters grp.; 33. Spar verbally; 36. “I can only DOSO much”; 37. Sch. Named for a televangelist; 38. Life stories on film; 40. Leak fixer; 43. Toss in; 44. Not e’en once: 46. Inspiring sisters; 51. “Lemon Tree” singer Lopez”; 52. Third after delta; 53. “Pow!”; 56. Federer and Nadal; 59. Collected; 62. Hgt.; 66. Two capsules, perhaps; 67. Terrier sounds; 68. Animated ogre; 69. Cold war superpower; 70. Sectional, e.g.; 71. Makeup maker Lauder.

Down: Muslim pilgrim; 2. Kitchen drawer?; 3. Visit from the Blue Angels, maybe; 4. Readying for a drive; 5. Cold-shoulder; 6. Hit the jackpot; 7. Guacamole ingredient; 8. Greek earth goddess; 9. Architects’ annexes; 10. Car safety device; 11. Prized positions; 12. Menagerie; 13. U.S.N.A. grad; 18. TV’s Warrior Princess; 22. Thrilla in Manilla boxer; 25. It had a notable part in Exodus; 27. Blender setting; 28. Pronounces poorly; 30. Waikiki welcome; 31. Lively wit; 32. Chat room chuckle; 33. Sailor’s behind; 34. Bill tack-on; 35. Piety; 39. It has headquarters at N.Y.C.’s Time Warner Center; 41. Thurman of “Dangerous Liaisons; 42. Spa treatments; 45. Make balanced; 48. “The nerve!”; 49. Benzoyl peroxide target; 50. “Rats!”; 54. Split up; 55. Knock-down-drag-out; 57. Corp. recruits, often; 58. Continental currency; 60. Move gently; 61. Apollo astronaut Slayton; 62. Campus e-mail suffix; 63. Acapulco article; 65. Supersecretive intelligence org.

Hope everything your want for you, your family and friends will be yours today!

Merry Christmas!


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