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Tuesday, December 11, 2007
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Puzzle by Gail Grabowski, edited by Will Shortz
Whoa!... BUTTHATSNOTFAIR (17A. Teen’s response to a parent’s “No”), EVERYONEISGOING (35A. Teen’s response to a parent’s “No”), and ICANTDOANYTHING (53A. Teen’s response to a parent’s “No”), along with SAYYES (43D. What the teen wishes the parent would do instead) are the inter-related entries in this Tuesday’s crossword.
If you're OLDHAT (26A. Outdated) or NEW (39A. With 40-Across, change of government) ORDER (40A. See 39-Across), if you’ve ever been a parent, you’ve heard it -- ADMIT (5A. Own up [to]) it, you were once a teen too! What REINS (15A. Harness parts) could DETER (6D Prevent through intimidation) you from your goal even though the parent you LOVE (27D. Aphrodite’s domain) became IRATE (11D. Steaming) like an AGED (34D. Like some cheeses) OGRE (52D. Nasty sort). HAHA (18D. “Aren’t you the comedian?!”), just say OUI (55D. Non’s opposite) and be HEP (56D. with it, once), for our LIPS (48D. Kissers) BREED (29D. Kennel club listing) no HARM (49D. Havoc) -- is that an OMEN (26D. Meteor shooting across the sky, maybe) -- YOUBET (36D. “Absolutely!“), BINGO (47D. “Ex-x-exactly!”)!
Other stuff: Across -- 1. Like some petticoats; 10. Bank with significant deposits?; 14. Award for “Hot L Baltimore; 16. Writer ERLE Stanley Gardner; 20. Somme summer; 21. Greek war god; 22. Novelist Joyce Carol OATES; 23. Blacken; 24. Pumpkin pie ingredient; 29. Musical Count; 30. “Encore!”; 31. Forest in “As You Like It”; 32. By way of; 41. 1973 #1 hit “WERE an American Band”; 42. Basketball position; 43. Gushed; 45. Subject to legal damages; 47. Like badly worn tires; 48. Peter of “Casablanca; 49. “Howdy!”; 50. Batman and Robin, e.g.; 47. Window section; 58. Power problem; 59. Mideast V.I.P.; 60. Narrow cut; 61. Wheels for big wheels; 62. Folk singer Seeger.
More other stuff: Down -- 1. Ear or leaf feature; 2. Be next to; 3. Mention, as in a court opinion; 4. To date; 5. Couples’ destination?; 7. Pageant title; 8. Country lodge; 9. General on a Chinese menu; 10. Malign; 13. Plural suffix with auction or musket; 19. Lugging; 23. “Moonstruck” actress; 24. Point from which there’s nowhere to go but up; 25. Depletes, with “up”; 28. Sketched; 31. Tennis great Agassi; 32. Panorama; 33. Memo phrase; 37. ORAL surgeon; 38. Had to hand it to?; 42. January birthstone; 44. Land office map; 45. Hometown-related; 46. Tehran resident; 50. “It’s your DIME”; 51. Military group: 54. Hi-speed connection.
TEENAGERS FROM URANUS -- Far, far away on the Planet Uranus, an evil Lord reigns. All hell breaks loose when he sends two Teenagers from Uranus to take control of the media airwaves in attempt to destroy the world.
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