12.17.07 -- Four Seasons

Detail from Chicago public sculpture “Four Seasons” -- Marc Chagall, 1974
Monday, December 17, 2007

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Puzzle by Richard Chisholm, edited by Will Shortz
SARATOGA SPRINGS (17A. Upstate New York city and spa); NIAGARAFALLS (24A. Honeymooners’ destination); LARRYSUMMERS (42A. Former president of Harvard); and JONATHAN WINTERS (54A. Comic who played Robin Williams’s son in “Mork & Mindy”) are four inter-related entries with the motif of the four seasons, along with TET (36A. Asian New Year) in the dead center of this crossword, marking the beginning and end of the cycle.
ATLANTIS (50A. Mythical island that sank into the sea) joins the OUTLANDS (20A. Remote areas), NOME (24D. Alaskan city where the Iditarod ends); the IRISHSEA (10D. Isle of Man’s locale); BASLE (13D. Swiss city on the Rhine, old-style); NANTES (23D. French city where Jules Verne was born); IRAN (52D. Tehran’s home); and NOWHERE (23A. The boondocks) as locations, along with Saratoga Springs and Niagara Falls.
People in the puzzle include TATARS (18D. Dwellers along the Volga); a SAMOAN (37D. Pago Pago resident); a RASCAL (21A. Imp); ESAU (30A. Jacob’s twin); Mother TERESA, 1979 Peace Nobelist (39A.); an OKIE (57A. 1930s migrant); NESTS (59A. Groups of spies); a PROLE (19D. Working stiff); EDGAR (12D. Mystery writer’s award); a CAJUN (45D. Louisianan of French descent); ANKA (50D. Paul who sang “Put Your Head on My Shoulder”), Larry Summers, Jonathan Winters, and others.
Other long entries include MORTGAGES (3D. Homeowners’ burdens), a current news topic; TOLERANT (35D. Broad-minded); SILENTERA (31D. Time before talkies); IRONORE (5D. Shipment to a steel mill); CAMERAS (45A. Kodak, Pentax and Nikon), and SULLIES (40D. Besmirches) -- followed by several six-letter entries -- RELINE (29A. Fix, as brakes); ADORES (49A. Is wild about); ANALOG (4D. Like clocks with hands); SPRAWL (9D. Spread out ungracefully); ALTERS (26D. Raises or lowers a hem, say); and ARETES (43D. Mountain ridges).
Five letter entries include SIDEB (9A. Lesser-played half of a 45) and MONOS (47D. Pre-stereo recordings); PRADA, MEETS, SAILS, USONE, NESTS, DANCE, ADOSE, and FIERY (27D. Passionate) TRASH (39D. Garbage).
Four letters -- ALMA, IBAR, MUON, RILE, GOTO, ESSO, LOAN, ARAT, LAGS, SANS, AMSO, LUAU, BIGD, ALAS, IRES, ALAR, USPS, TWIG, and the ever-present SSTS. Three letters: RES, ORG, LAP, and AOL (55D. “You’ve got mail” co.).
This is the last week of Fall -- Winter begins Saturday, the 22nd and then all hell breaks loose with the Holidays!
Here’s wishing you a good back-to-work Monday for the final time this year!
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Across: 1. ____ mater, 5. Letter-shaped structural piece, 14. Elementary particle, 15. Vex, 16. Gucci alternative, 22. Head for, 28. Alternative to .com or .edu, 34. Track events, 37. Leaves port, 38. Bygone U.S. gas brand, 41. Napkin’s place, 48. The “L” in S.&L., 49. Is wild about, 56. Auto route from Me. To Fla., 58. Smell ___ (be suspicious), 60. Fails to keep pace, 61. Without: Fr. Down: 1. “I __ sorry!”, 2. Hawaiian cookout, 6. Home of the Cowboys, familiarly, 7. “Sad to say …”, 8. ___ judicata, 11. Rumba or samba, 12. Mystery writer’s award, 25. Angers, 32. Banned orchard spray, 33. Letter carriers grp., 43. Mountain ridges, 44. Powerful rays, 46. Get ___ of one’s own medicine, 51. Tiny branch.


hanks59 said...

Hello from Alaska
I am the santa killer in your posted x-mas pic. It was taken in 1984 30 miles north of the arctic circle. Sata lives... It was just for fun with three caribou. Its pretty funny tho... merry x-mas

DONALD said...

It's a small world! Glad to hear Santa is all right!

Reposted your comment on the December 24 post which features you and the gang!

Have a Merry Christmas!