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Friday, December 14, 2007
Puzzle by Manny Nosowsky, edited by Will Shortz
This TGIF NYT puzzle is a cross between a RORSCHACH (36D With 14-Down, something that can have you seeing things) TEST (14D See 36-Down) and a CLEARANCECENTER (39A Place for good deals) of recycled material -- with a repeat of Manny Nosowsky's tasty entry ALOTONONESPLATE (38A Much work to get done) (see LEFTOVERS 09.04.07), giving us a second helping, a sort of Part II which could be subtitled RETURNTOREALITY (35A Snap out of it) being filmed in UNIONCITY (20D Neighbor of Hoboken, N.J.).
If that’s not complicated enough, the puzzle is. A swift return to the AGAPE/AGAZE ado of yesterday’s crossword blogdom, with the entry GAPESAT (8A Watches in astonishment), which itself ended in an IMPASSE (1A Deadlock) as to its status as a BIGHOAX (59A Cardiff Giant or Piltdown man) on us crossword aficionado’s AGENDAS (63A Zealots have them)!

Across: 15. LEAPTAT (Went for unhesitatingly); 16. ADOLPHE (Luxembourg grand duke in whose name an annual art prize is awarded); 17. LAGOONS (Tropical spots); 18. BIOMASS (Plant material used for fuel); 19. STOPIT (Brawl-ending cry); 20. USER (Beta tester, e.g.); 21. NOT (Commandment word); 22. CAEN (22. French city where William the Conqueror is buried); 24. USH (Work an aisle, slangily); 26. DOM (Monk’s title); 29. ALIF (Ba preceder); 31. HEROD (“Salome” role); 40. EASTS (Some bridge players); 41. SILO (Titan’s place); 42. OAR (42. Blade); 43. ECO (“Baudolino” novelist); 45. TYRE (It may be kept in a boot); 47. AWL (Hand tool); 50. HAZY (Unclear); 52. TATTLE (Spill the beans); 57. PREBAKE (Cook first, as pie crust); 60. PIERCED (Went through); 61. ONLEAVE (Away); 62. STJOHNS (University with campuses in New York and Rome).

Down: 1. ILLS (Sorry situations); 2. MEAT (Gist); 3. Guam’s PAGO Bay; 4. APOP (Each); 5. STOIC (Bite-the-bullet type); 6. SANTAANNA (Leader of the Alamo siege); 7. ETS (“The X-Files” subj.); 8. GABS (Schmoozes); 10. POORSHAPE (Dilapidation); 11. ELM (Gypsy moth target); 12. SPAN (Period of time); 13. AHSO (“Now I see!”); 23. ELTONS (Singer John and others); 26. Renaissance artists Piero DELLA Francesca; 27. OTOES (Relatives of the Missouria); 28. MUTATE (Change); 30. FREELY (Without hindrance); 32. RIATA (Steer stopper); 33. Sea OTTER, denizen of the North Pacific; 34. Wayne W. DYER, author of “Your Erroneous Zones”; 35. RACE (Tear); 37. ESCORTING (Keeping company with); 44. OAKEN (Of a durable wood); 46. EAGLE (It’s seen on the back of a U.S. quarter); 47. APPS (Some programs, briefly); 48. WRIT (Judge’s order); 49. Actor LEEJ Cobb (appeared in Wednesday‘s crossword as LEEJCOBB); 51. ZEDS (British ends); 53. THEN (“And so?”); 54. TOAD (Loathsome sort); 55. LAVA (Flow in a coulee); 56. EXES (Two from sixty-six?); 58. BRO (Bart, to Maggie); 59. Feather BOA.

The puzzle gladdened me with the entry of STJOHNS, one of my old employers!
"Baptism" -- Piero della Francesca (1420?-92).


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