12.05.07 -- Oh... Deer!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

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Puzzle by Allan E. Parrish, edited by Will Shortz

DEER (71A This puzzle's theme) is the non-clue clue for five other inter-related entries of this odd crossword puzzle, which include the disparate HINDQUARTER (17A Source of rump roast); STAGFLATION (63A Worrisome economic condition); COREYHART (11D "Sunglasses at Night" singer, 1984); UNCLEBUCK (34D John Candy title role); and JOHNDOE (26A Court anonym).

Other across: 1. Gad about (Oh give me a home where the buffalo ROAM, where the deer…etc…); 5. Donahue of “Father Knows Best” (who?); 11. One Learning the ropes (as in Boy Scout CUB?...or reporter?); 14. EURO Disney; 15. Reason out; 16. Soccer fan’s cry (this entry appeared in the exact same location [16 Across] yesterday, clued as Corrida cheer); 19. Messenger RNA; 20. 1977 double-platinum Steely Dan album; 21. Bygone Mideast grp.; 22. P.M. between Pearson and Clark; 24. Charity event, maybe; 26. Shared taxi (a JITNEY?…well, maybe); 27. Blockbuster offering; 29. Panama and others; 32. Hard-hearted; 36. THOM McAn shoes; 37. Came out with; 38. Sweetums (who says that?); 39. Speed-read (that’s right, it’s SCANNED); 42. “Cimarron” studio, 1931 (it’s RKO, O.K.?); 43. Children’s tune starter (ABCD joins this alphabet soup); 45. “The Seduction of Joe Tynan” star, 1979; 46. Can’t deal with; 48. Like some oaths or vows; 50. Ready to pour; 52. “I am six. I am a city child. I live at the Plaza” speaker; 54. Sports spots; 58. Biopsy, e.g.; 60. Purpose; 61. Assayer’s stuff; 62. “The Simpsons” storekeeper; 66. Input-jack label; 67. Regarding this point, in legalese; 68. “Happy Motoring“ sloganeer; 69. Golf’s Se Ri PAK; 70. Unpaid debt.

Down: Dry out, in a way; 2. Mystical board; 3. Ricardo player; Chic, ‘60s style; 5. Shevardnadze of Georgia; 6. King of tragedy; 7. Bargain bin abbr.; 8. Capone colleague; 9. Paycheck fattener; 10. Summer TV fare; 1984; 12. Limb bone; 13. Steady; 18. Shows cowardice; 23. Police dept. figs.; 25. N.Y.C.’s AVE of the Americas; 28. Footnote abbr.; 30. Love of the Beach Boys; 31. Wedding exchange (unrelated to 48 Across); 32. Cartoonist Addams; 33. ROBO-call (automated solicitation); 36. Son of Judah (it’s tempting to call him a jerk); 40. Coffee holder; 41. Teachings of Buddha (only yesterday the nitpickers complained that DHARMA was clued as Greg’s sitcom mate); 44. Shoulder muscle, briefly; 47. Take off on; 49. One of the Mitchells in an old UPN sitcom (this is about as obscure as one can get for this solver -- in any case, it’s MOESHA); 51. Custom-create; 53. Fab Four name; 55. Click or clack; 56. Cropped up; 57. Toledo title; 58. Desktop accessory; 59. Capital of Samoa; 60. Aqua Velva alternative; 64. “Hmm, no fooling!”; 65. Former televangelist Haggard (there are so many other Teds, why this one?).

What a mess, this puzzle!


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