12.02.07 -- Rap and Roll

CHRISTINE (1983 Stephen King thriller)
Sunday, December 2, 2007
CAR TALK, Puzzle by Seth A. Abel, edited by Will Shortz
Puzzle contains eight entries that have become inter-related by way of being given clues alluding to model names of automobiles:
INTERNETEXPLORER (23A Ford purchased online?); HOMERSODYSSEY (38A Honda owned by one of the Simpsons?); URBANLEGEND (58A City dweller’s Acura?); REALTROOPER (80A Genuine Isuzu?); MINIATUREGOLF (96A Tiny Volkswagen?); TWENTIETHCENTURY (113a One of the first Buicks to roll off the line?); TRUSTYSIDEKICK (17A Reliable Suzuki?); PARTIALECLIPSE (51A Half-assembled Mitsubishi?)
Other automobile related entries include:
CHRISTINE (120A 1983 Stephen King thriller); ARIES (83D Old Dodge); TOTALLOSS (7A It’s beyond repair); INN (56A Michelin Guide listing); GAUGE (67A Standard); JAR (52A Bump); ARABIA (53A Major oil source); ZAG (78D Turn back); EIS (116D Winter autobahn hazard)
People in the puzzle: ENGELS (1A Marx’s collaborator on “The Communist Manifesto”); JOES (26A Generic comic strip diner); AIDA (77A It’s set partly at the Temple of Vulcan); ZSA (78A When doubled, a much-married celebrity); CEO (103 Board honcho); UTA (110A Broadway’s Hagen); HOSTESSES (123A Party throwers); ARP (10D Dadaist Jean); ORRIN (13D Sen. Hatch); STENOS (14D They listen to dictators); EDASNER (39D Emmy winner for “Roots”); OLSEN (62D Either sister starring in 2004’s “New York Minute); 79D Dear SIRS; 92D Rapper TUPAC Shakur; LAURIE (99A Performance artist Anderson); and SEERS (102D They may have a ball).

Sunday, etc.: 6D SON of God; ELIJAH (1D He ascended to heaven in a whirlwind, in II Kings); EZEK (108A O.T. book); LEAH (50D Rachel’s older sister); TITHES (97D Service charges?); and APSE (119A Religious statue locale).

Conversational, etc.: ORAL (106D Voiced); LOOKTO (20A Await); INORDERTO (21A So that one might); CEASE (57A “Avast!“); NONONO (2D Emphatic refusal); GOTEAM (3D Stadium cheer); YEABIG (40D Size approximation); SEZWHO (95D Question following “Oh, yeah?!”); 115D “ITS magic!”; CHATTER (89D Teeth do it); and 55DINEED to Wake Up,” 2006 Oscar-winning song by Melissa Etheridge.

Odds and ends: NEBULAE (16D Space clouds); STARING (64D Kind of contest); SCHUSS (93A Go downhill fast); SHTETLS (65A Old Jewish villages); ESTRADA (33D Paved road: Sp.); ESPANA (69D Sevilla’s home); 68D Genoa’s Palazzo San GIORGIO; LATKES (101A Hanukkah treats); OCCULT (98D Cabalistic) -- lots of other stuff, take your pick; but nothing to really write home about.

Let’s end this SAGA (46D Overdrawn account?) with a near car-talk related entry, TIREOUT (66D Exhaust).

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1A marx's collaborator on "the communist manifesto" 7A it's beyond repair 16A abbr. on a food package 20A await 21A so that one might 22A fort _, captured by u.s. forces in 1814 23A ford purchased online? 25A it's measured in degrees 26A generic comic strip diner 27A word with night or right 28A quick outing on the links 29A consumes 30A carrier to tokyo 31A french spread 33A it's needed to find the right key 36A like some diets 38A honda owned by one of the simpsons? 42A errs 44A _ bien phu, vietnam 45A group of the same race or culture 47A parts of the lunar landscape 49A wool source 52A bump 53A major oil source 56A michelin guide listing 57A "avast!" 58A city dweller's acura? 60A fast www hookup 61A bring in 62A kind of kick 63A lolling 65A old jewish villages 67A standard 70A home pregnancy checker, e.g. 73A camera components 75A bet 77A it's set partly at the temple of vulcan 78A when doubled, a much-married celebrity 80A genuine isuzu? 83A like a pop fly 84A not feel oneself 85A uncut 86A made (off) 87A tots' wheels 88A _-roman 90A traduce 92A not safe to skate on, say 93A go downhill fast 96A tiny volkswagen? 101A hanukkah treats 103A board honcho 104A wall st. debuts 105A ore. neighbor 106A sleep _ 108A o.t. book 110A broadway's hagen 111A s. amer. land 112A all ears 113A one of the first buicks to roll off the line? 119A religious statue locale 120A 1983 stephen king thriller 121A bad way to be caught 122A what a rake may do 123A party throwers 1D he ascended to heaven in a whirlwind, in II kings 2D emphatic refusal 3D stadium cheer 4D makes (out) 5D photocopier tray size: abbr. 6D _ of god 7D like nobles 8D scott turow's first book 9D study of poisons: abbr. 10D dadaist jean 11D "bad" cholesterol, initially 12D nuevo _, mexican state bordering texas 13D sen. hatch 14D they listen to dictators 15D most upset 16D space clouds 17D reliable suzuki? 18D booby trap component 19D second place from the right 24D big name in stationery 31D compare the costs of 32D steaming along, maybe 33D paved road: sp. 34D burning issue? 35D kidney-related 37D admirals' commands 39D emmy winner for "roots" 40D size approximation 41D time long past 43D without 46D overdrawn account? 48D weekly 90-min. show 49D nails 50D rachel's older sister 51D half-assembled mitsubishi? 52D ill preceders: abbr. 54D improve 55D "_ to wake up," 2006 oscar-winning song by melissa etheridge 58D oust 59D prefix with science 62D either sister starring in 2004's "new york minute" 64D kind of contest 66D exhaust 68D genoa's palazzo san _ 69D sevilla's home 71D what descartes thought of? 72D squirts 74D meager 76D understanding 78D turn back 79D dear _ 81D cable carrier? 82D thing of the past 83D old dodge 87D poetic preposition 89D teeth do it 91D suffix with serpent 92D rapper _ shakur 94D rendering, say 95D question following "oh, yeah?!" 97D service charges? 98D cabalistic 99D performance artist anderson 100D skinned 102D they may have a ball 106D voiced 107D pick-up spot? 109D furrow 110D _ reader 111D ministre d'_ 114D lao-_ 115D "_ magic!" 116D winter autobahn hazard 117D hamburger's one 118D wichita-to-omaha dir.

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