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Is biscuits cubist?
Bread and Fruit Dish on a Table by Pablo Picasso, 1909


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Puns and Anagrams, Crossword by Mel Taub / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Pure wit in author’s account, WRITE-UP; 8. Fasteners one has as an afterthought, HASPS; 13. Nine toes examined, SEEN INTO; 14. Scares L.A. Rams, MADE IT; 16. Damages in some panels, INJURIES; 17. Succeeded with ad time, MADE IT; 18. Put away doters, STORED; 19. Miss. Doctrines, ISMS; 21. One revered by Auguste, in the end, STE; 22. Man with undergraduate degree, that is, ABIE; 23. One who’s chatty a lot with clients, ATTY; 24. Take Prince William’s bride for example, KATE; 25. Kind of key, LAC; 26. Where to find clerical names, MANSE; 28. Argue it could be boring, AUGER; 29. Flaw found at 600 feet, DEFECT; 31. Andrew’s custodians, WARDENS; 33. Weak male, LAME; 34. Italian guy in legal document, ALDO; 35. Looked out for Oct. dues, SCOUTED; 38. On which birds relax torsos, ROOSTS; 41. Tall and thin like Ellen (L in)Kay, LANKY; 42. Tree held dearly? Why not!, ALDER; 44. Fellow’s greetings, HIS; 46. Just the insides of nylons, ONLY; 47. Oh, it’s the elevator guy, OTIS; 48. Branch seen in intersection, SECT; 49. Central model of a poem, ODE; 50. Drinks for sale, ALES; 51. Water added to tank, i..e., INTAKE; 53. Surfaces of panels, PLANES; 55. Menace near the T, THREATEN; 57. Like the weather on Everest, endlessly, SEVERE; 58. Greet men who are newly independent, EMERGENT; 59. Stone attack, SET ON; 60. Offspring of many fodders (fathers), DODDERS (daughters).

Down — 1. Spoiled a wet band, WENT BAD; 2. Delight Joe & Eric, REJOICE; 3. Get used to U.N. ire, INURE; 4. Become bored with Michelin, e.g., TIRE; 5. Eat up, ENID; 6. Ill. Rep. follower, UTE; 7. Presumes where Spot is, POSITS; 8. Porky, HAMMY; 9. Regretful word a Scottish miss heard, ALAS; 10. Blue ads, SAD; 11. Prophesy pears, e.g., PRESAGE; 12. In love with mittens, SMITTEN; 13. Source of Lisa’s rope, SISAL; 15. Guides cattle, STEERS; 20. They manage things when stars wed, STEWARDS; 23. The day poker players kicked in, ANTEDATE; 24. At dusk, nothing but praise, KUDOS; 26. Beefy matey, MEATY; 27. Came out on top, ACME; 28. Do a RR fire, ARDOR; 30. Lucky to go by plane around Britain, FLUKY; 32. Even parts of Karl Rove may be soothing, ALOE; 35. They sailed to Oslo: Sp., SLOOPS; 36. Send Elsie (LC) a few for her cake, CANDLES; 37. A novel ‘e produced while away, ON LEAVE; 39. Where matinee is at 3:00, THEATER (at three); 40. Disgusts or makes fatter, as the lisper might say, SICKENS; 43. 51 Teds in the phone book, LISTED; 45. Surgical tube in tents, STENT; 47. Noel’s other name, OLSEN; 48. Place that gets a hand, STAGE (hand); 50. Sol preceder, AERO; 51. How one might feel after being taken for a ride, IRED; 52. Any dr., at heart, NERD, n, e, dr.; 54. Total of 10, NET; 56. Insurance provider for Dr. Ohm, HMO.


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