08.19.11 — Eat It


Friday, August 19, 2011

Puzzle by Patrick Berry / Edited by Will Shortz

I don't know... maybe there's a point to all this...

Across — 1. Actual title of the 1979 #1 hit known as “The Piña Colada Song”, ESCAPE; 7. “Family Guy” mayor, or the actor providing his voice; 15. Dump truck filler, LOADER; 16. Deliver, LIBERATE; 17. Shameless yes-man, LAP-DOG; 18. 1984 film starring Tom Selleck as a jewel thief, LASSITER; 19. Front covers, APRONS; 20. Fashion magazines, e.g., GLOSSIES; 21. Trespasses, SINS; 22. Higgins’s pupil in elocution, DOOLITTLE; 23. Abbr. rarely seen at the start of a sentence, ETC; 24. One rudely put out?, TONGUE; 2. Satellite community?, MOON BASE; 28. Small brawl, TUSSLE; 33. Removes from a spool, UNREELS; 34. Ignoring copyrights, say, PIRATIC; 35. “In the Night Kitchen” author, SENDAK; 36. Lady famous for piemaking, MRS SMITH; 37. Cash in, REDEEM; 39. Vegas hotel that hosts the World Series of Poker, RIO; 40. Nighttime assignment, often, GUARD DUTY; 44. “Star Trek: First Contact” villains, with “the”, BORG; 46. Girl’s name meaning “messenger of God”, ANGELINE; 47. Second run, REPEAT; 49. Foot-stomping music, FLAMENCO; 50. Unfazed by, USED TO; 51. Top-quality, FIVE-STAR; 52. DVD box set purchase, SERIES; 53. Wild West show headgear, STETSONS; 54. Place to sit, ironically, STANDS.

Down — 1. ELLA in Berlin” (1960 live album); 2. Mineral used as chalk by tailors, SOAP STONE; 3. One born on Christmas Day, CAPRICORN; 4. Enlargement, ADD-ON; 5. Unskilled laborers, PEONS; 6. Newton-meter fractions, ERGS; 7. No more, ALL GONE; 8. Kind of box for input, DIALOG; 9. Moral theory that doesn’t allow for shades of gray, ABSOLUTISM; 10. Old-fashioned letter opener, MESSIEURS; 11. You might keep a watch on it, WRIST; 12. Weird Al Yankovich’s first Billboard hit, EAT IT; 13. What tuning forks are made of, STEEL; 14. Clipped, TERSE; 22. Sleep, in British slang, DOSS; 23. Skinny-legged trotters, EMUS; 24. Had one do through persuasion, TALKED INTO; 26. Outlaw Kelly of Australian legend, NED; 27. Like Lincoln before his presidency, BEARDLESS; 29. 1950s-’70s senator Ervin, SAM; 30. Added to the soup, say, STIRRED IN; 31. Pressed one’s suit?, LITIGATED; 32. Return a call?, ECHO; 34. Little game, perhaps, PREY; 36. Falling rocks, METEORS; 38. Company behind the 1960s yo-yo craze, DUNCAN; 40. Fishing hooks, GAFFS; 41. Dark, UNLIT; 42. Mesoamerican plant, AGAVE; 43. Ran into again, REMET; 44. Hemmed in, BESET; 45. “No good OPERA plot can be sensible …”: W. H. Auden; 47. Former Wisconsin senator Feingold, RUSS; 48. Dispose of, TOSS.


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