08.05.11 — Gone Fishing

Naples Florida Fishing Pier Sunset at Beach


Friday, August 5, 2011

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

Mid-way through the summer, a bright and sunny Friday crossword full of tricks and traps that might leave a solver desperately fishing for answers, if not totally at sea!

Across — 1. Historic U.S. place in the shape of a five-pointed star, FORT MCHENRY; 12. Present time?: Abbr., DEC; 15. Russet Burbank, e.g., IDAHO POTATO; 16. Leader of leaders?, ELL; 17. Tryst spot, NO-TELL MOTEL; 18. Outfit’s biggest suit, CEO; 19. What might send Rover right over?, ARF; 20. Directly, DUE; 21. Is catlike, SKULKS; 23. Newbery Medal-winning author Lowry, LOIS; 25. Has a seamy job?, SEWS; 28. Rush, SPATE; 29. Bright, SUNNY; 31. Scaling challenge, CRAG; 33. Cicero’s servant and secretary, TIRO; 34. Red Man rival, SKOAL; 36. First #1 Billboard hit by an Australian artist (1972), I AM WOMAN; 38. Hospital gown go-with, WRIST BAND; 40. Small yarn?, ANECDOTE; 43. Occurrences between springs, NEAPS; 46. Fishing spot, PIER; 47. Strike authorizer, NATO; 49. Camaro options, T-TOPS; 51. Campus home for mice, PC LAB; 53. Area near Manhattan’s Union Square, NOHO; 55. First name in mysteries, ERLE; 56. Eponymous Greek island, LESBOS; 58. Festive cry, OLE; 60. Tobacco holder, TIN; 61. NASA fine?, A-OK; 62. Natal setting, SOUTH AFRICA; 66. Single opening?, UNI; 67. Handler of intelligence agents, CASE OFFICER; 68. Kickback site?, DEN; 69. Researcher’s audiotapes and such, ORAL HISTORY.

Left:  The Abominable Snow Crab: Census of Marine Life explorers have discovered a new, furry crab species south of Easter Island. Kiwa hirsuta was deemed so unusual that it warranted a whole new family designation, Kiwidae.  Photo: Census of Marine Life / AFP / Getty Images.

Down — 1. Campus stress source, FINALS; 2. Nose-noticeable, ODOROUS; 3. Canary, RAT FINK; 4. With 5-Down, what iconoclasts break, THE / MOLD; 6. 79, say, C PLUS; 7. Students might clean up in it, HOME EC; 8. The Lorraine Campaign was part of It: Abbr., ETO; 9. Red rival, briefly, NAT; 10. GPS choices: Abbr., RTES; 11. Whites’ counterparts, YOLKS; 12. Give a passionate recital, DECLAIM; 13. The Doors’ record label, ELEKTRA; 14. Seal, as a deal, CLOSE ON; 22. Current, UP-TO-DATE; 24. Frequent catch on TV’s “Deadliest Catch”, SNOW CRAB; 26. E-mail, say, WRITE TO; 27. “Move your mind” sloganeer, SAAB; 30. Half a fathom, YARD; 32. Old pulp fiction hero, G-MAN; 35. LION of Judah; 37. N.Y.C.’s PBS station, WNET; 39. Persian for “place of”, STAN; 40. Express approval, APPLAUD; 41. Expression of approval, NICE ONE; 42. Wallet material, EEL SKIN; 44. Classical Greek temple feature, PORTICO; 45. Old-fashioned film editor, SPLICER; 48. “What a girl” lead-in, in an Eddie Cantor hit, OH OH OH; 50. Based on the number six, SENARY; 52. Hershey’s alternative, BOSCO; 54. King surnamed Tryggvason, OLAF I; 57. Rocket, SOAR; 59. Pair of buffalo?, EFFS; 63. Stars represent its constituents, USA; 64. Letterhead abbr., TEL; 65. Slowing, in mus., RIT.


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