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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Puzzle by Tim Croce / Edited by Will Shortz

Clues that are the least logical, the last definition in the dictionary, the vaguest, or those with at least a dozen possibilities are the stuff of Saturday crosswords, along with a hefty serving of answers featuring unpopular pop culture, mundane phrases, the seldom used and the totally obscure.  If you like that kind of maze, have at it!

Across — 1. Lit, AGLOW; 6. Up to one’s old tricks, AT IT AGAIN; 15. Trigger-happy sound?, NEIGH; 16. Propositions, COMES ON TO; 17. In a main location?, AT SEA; 18. Like newly available products, ROLLED OUT; 19. Take care of the spread, CATER; 20. Winnebago relative, OTOE; 21. New Mexican, e.g., NIÑO; 22. It’s raw, ORE; 23. “That’s it”, FINIS; 25. “Singin’ in the Rain” co-director, DONEN; 26. Unlike aristos NONU; 28. Allspice and clove’s family, MYRTLE; 30. Ki TSE (legendary founder of Korea); 31. City representatives?, DOTS; 32. Letters in some church names, AME; 33. Walk-INS; 35. Pastoral prophet, AMOS; 36. It worked from a prompt, MSDOS; 38. Allowing peeking, perhaps, AJAR; 42. Viroid composition, RNA; 44. Offensive time?, TET; 45. Splendid, A-ONE; 46. See 62-Down, PIT; 49. Like old AM radio, IN MONO; 51. AM or FM specification, BAND; 52. Make a measure, ENACT; 54. Clear wrongs, ATONE; 56. Jacques Cousteau, e.g., NOM; 57. Am or Fm stat, AT NO; 58. Sci-fi writer Frederik POHL; 59. Go all the way through, IMBUE; 61. Fifth in a series of seven old comedy films, ROAD TO RIO; 63. Her temple was adorned with cows’ horns, DIANA; 64. Extravagant way to live, LIKE A KING; 65. Set up, ERECT; 66. View on a clear night, STARRY SKY; 67. Gets down to the ground?, RAZES.

Down — 1. One you don’t want to have a crush on you, ANACONDA; 2. Order to curtail public bussing, GET A ROOM; 3. Not block out, LISTEN TO; 4. Arch type, OGEE; 5. Slip site, WHARF; 6. MoMA and Epcot, e.g., ACRONYMS; 7. Mind-numbingly exhausted, TOO TIRED TO THINK; 8. “That made no sense to me”, I’M LOST; 9. “SCTV” segment?, TELE; 10. Polymer finish?, ASE; 11. “You couldn’t be more wrong!”, GOD NO; 12. Install in an office, ANOINT; 13. Its logo features two eighth notes, ITUNES; 14. Zip, NOT ONE; 24. Yardbirds hit of 1965, I’M A MAN; 25. Place for a retreat, DEN; 27. Red giant, once?, USSR; 29. Clay target?, LISTON; 34. 9-5, e.g., SAAB; 37. It’s concerned with ports, OENOLOGY; 39. Follower of Arlo Guthrie at Woodstock, JOAN BAEZ; 40. Come out with, ANNOUNCE; 41. Duck, emu, etc., RED MEATS; 43. Baby beef?, NIT; 46. Finds on a bed, PEARLS; 47. Digging something, INTO IT; 48. Godzilla creator Tomoyuki TANAKA; 50. They call their native language “te reo”, MAORIS; 53. Many a software company employee, CODER; 55. Comforter material, EIDER; 58. Like tailgated drivers, often, POKY; 60. Red giant in Cetus, MIRA; 62. With 46-Across, prehistoric animal preserver, TAR.


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Bigsly said...

29 down is Liston, as in Sonny.

Bigsly said...

oops... 29 down is Liston, as in Sonny. Great puzzle.

DONALD said...

Oh, it looks like spellcheck didn't like liston...

Let's manually fix that!