08.12.11 — Twisted


Friday, August 12, 2011

Puzzle by Julian Lim / Edited by Will Shortz

Four small crosswords are lightly joined by the crossing of ST JOE (23D. Missouri metro) and ENJOY (28A. Word from a waiter) at the center of  this twisted Friday crossword, rife with vague clues and distant answers.

Upper left crossword: Across1. Officers, BRASS; 11. In haste, RUSHING; 16. It might help you catch your breath, INHALER; 18. “St. Martin and the Beggar” painter, EL GRECO; 20. “Just this time …”, FOR ONCE; 22. Lascivious sorts, WANTONS; 25. Go on, YAK.   Down 1. Summary, BRIEF; 2. Need replenishing, RUN LOW; 3. Silverish, ASH-GRAY; 4. “My” girl in a 1979 hit, SHARONA; 5. Knee cap?, SILENT K; 12. Big name in wafers, NECCO; 13. Creator of “The Simpsons”, GROENING.

Upper right crossword: Across 6. Award show category, DRAMA; 14. Derided, FLEERED; 17. Kind of pickup, LONG-BED; 19. Tenth Commandment subject, AVARICE; 21. Upbraided, BERATED; 24. Beans and others, SIDES; 26. Having more bites, say, ITCHIER.   Down6. Coins for Cicero, DINARII; 7. College student’s request, REGRADE; 8. Judge, ARBITER; 9. Varmints, in a classic cartoon line, MEECES; 10. Extra, ADDED; 14. Blubber, FLAB; 15. Having a hard time connecting?, LOVE-SHY.

Lower left crossword: Across 29. Language with no word for “hello”, KLINGON; 35. Enthusiast, FIEND; 39. Pitt athlete, PANTHER; 43. Former, OLD-TIME; 45. British dish with an American version called a Hot Brown, RAREBIT; 47. Fathers, of a sort, CLERICS; 49. Attacked, HAD AT. Down28. Native to a certain region, ENDEMIC; 29. Like some spirits, KINDRED; 30. It’s typed with the left pinkie, LETTER A; 31. Check, INHIBIT; 39. It may be screened, PORCH; 40. Softens in water, in a way, RETS.

Lower right crossword: Across32. Sloven, PIG; 36. One wiping out, EFFACER; 41. Mercurial, ERRATIC; 44. Subject of the Fujita scale, TORNADO; 46. Polka relative, TWO STEP; 48. Lachrymose, IN TEARS; 50. What the cogent make, SENSE.   Down27. It may come down after a win, CONFETTI; 32. Echoes, PARROTS; 33. “That makes 50-Across”, I CAN SEE; 34. Lie in the sun, GET A TAN; 37. :-( , FROWN; 38. Equestrians, RIDERS; 42. Thicket of trees, COPSE.


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