08.17.11 — M/C, W/C and L/L

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Puzzle by Michael Black / Edited by Will Shortz

M/C Hammer?, W/C Fields? and L/L Bean? are the clues for MALLET OR CLAW, WRIGLEY AND COORS and LIMA OR LENTIL, respectively, in this weird-but-likeable little Wednesday crossword.

Other — AEROSTAR (43A. Former Ford minivan), PERIODIC (36A. Like Mendeleev’s table), SPACEMEN (8D. Sci-fi travelers), YARDARMS (42D. Sail supports), and a handful of conversation, e.g., ADIEU (29A. Closing bid?), AW MAN (69A. “You’re killin’ me!“), “I WAS framed!“, MOVE (67A. “Outta my way!!“), MY BAD (61A. “Oops!), “OH TO be in England”, PSHAW (9A. “Oh, get off it!“).

Mid-size — APART, ARRIVE, AT COST, BATHED, BEAME (66A. Big Apple mayor before Koch), BIDEN (54D. First Catholic vice president of the U.S.), CABIN, CRIMEA, EARNING, ELSES, ET ALII, EQUALS (21D. Comes to), FEEL BAD (52A. Have the blahs), HOWARD (2D. Stooge surname), ICICLE, Ab INITIO, IPANA, JETSAM, LAIRDS (22D. Scottish landowners), LLAMA, NYLONS, MANTA, PIXAR, SPAWN, XANAX (19D. Drug that treats panic attacks).

Short stuff — ADOS, ANA and ANY, ATOP, BAM (63D. Kapow!), CHEN, ERGO, GMCS, HAN, INDO, IRAE, “ERI tu”, IN A tough spot, MARS, MBA, NASL, NCAA, Film NOIR, NOM de guerre, NORA, OBOE, OONA, Q AS in queen, RAJ, RBIS, REIN, REL, RENE, ROAR, ROTA, SEES, SIN, SRTA, TAMI, WAX, WAIV, YEW.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. “Big Brother” host Julie; 5. Mily Way maker; 14. “The Godfather” score composer Nino; 15. Riding on; 16. Toothpaste brand once advertised with Bucky Beaver; 18. Org. with Spartans and Trojans; 25. Raking in; 31. Suspense novelist Hoag; 34. Literally, “reign” in Hindi; 44. Risk damnation; 46. Mlle., across the Pyrenees; 48. Summer camp shelter; 55. Emergency contact, often: Abbr.; 57. Whichever; 64. Sac flies produce them; 68. Jockey’s handful; 70. Goes with; 71. Brouhahas. — DOWN: 1. Yalta’s locale; 3. List ender; 4. Pele’s org.; 5. Powerful ray; 6. For neither profit nor loss; 7. Have a hearty laugh; 9. Studio behind “Up” and “Wall-E”; 10. Engender; 11. Chinese dynasty name; 12. Santa ___ winds; 13. You might put your stamp on it; 26. Intro to Chinese?; 28. Yukons, e.g.; 30. Hence; 35. Tea in Boston Harbor, once; 37. Yule decoration; 38. A Chaplin; 39. Ragamuffin; 40. Russo of film; 41. “Of wrath,” in a hymn title; 47. Hit it big; 49. Took a dip; 50. Ab ___ (from the start); 51. L’eggs wares; 53. Andean wool source; 56. Someone ___ (another’s); 59. “An ill wind …” instrument; 60. Director Ephron; 61. Deg. Held by George W. Bush; 62. Tree with cones.


Anonymous said...

I like to print the completed puzzle from my computer adn take it with me on the bus to work...to check myself..but now I get a small version, very hard to read, and not complete. Adjusting my printer mode does not help. Why has this been changed? Please change it back..

DONALD said...

The change was made by Google -- to get the full size, click on the puzzle to open and then save it wherever and print it from there. That should give you the full size.