09.02.11 — Danger

Vanesssa Redgrave, collage from The Loves of Isadora, 1968


Friday, September 2, 2011

Puzzle by Tim Croce / Edited by Will Shortz

Six fifteen-letter across answers constitute the main feature of this at-times perilous Friday crossword.

NEED-TO-KNOW-BASIS (1. Sensitive information is often shared on it)
EDUCATIONAL FILM (16. Thing rolled in a classroom)
AGREE TO DISAGREE (17. Continue cordially despite differences)
CLEAR AND PRESENT (61. Like real danger) 
PERSONAL EFFECTS (64. Toiletries and such)
TREE-LINED STREET (65. Feature of many a residential neighborhood)

Other across — ISADORA (36. 1968 title role for Vanessa Redgrave), LET’S SEE (40. “Thinking …“), ONE IOTA (34. A wee bit), RAWER (55. Not as experienced), SHORE (20. It gets lapped a lot), SI SENOR (41. Chihuahua assent).

Downs — AFGHANIS (12. Kandahar cash), AS IT WERE, BLAST, CRADLE, DANTE, D’ARTAGNAN (33. Dumas hero), D CELLS, DECREASE, EDGES, ERROL, E-TAIL, EURAIL, GREECE (48. Attic locale), KIOSK (7. Small business site), NASSER, NODS AT, ONION ROLL (9. Piquant sandwich base), PIPED, SIROCCOS (13. Dust-laden winds), TAP ON, THROE.

Gaia (the earth) hands her newborn son Erichthonius over to the goddess Athene, who will foster this founding king of Athens. Gaia is shown only partially risen from the earth, being inseparable from her native element.

Short stuff — ALER and ILER, ANI, ARFS, ARP, ATE, EFT, ETC, GAIA (57A. Earth as an organism), ISO, KAN, LARD, LEA, LSAT, MTST, NCAR, NEAT, OSSO and OTTO, OTIC, PHD, RAE, RCPT, RING, SEAM, SIT and SILT, SMEE, TAC and TAE, TEAL, TRE and TRS, “ Time WAS …”.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 18. Cousin of a canvasback; 19. Scapola or clavicola; 21. Potential mouth choker; 23. Agricultural Hall of Fame locale: Abbr.; 24. Certain X or O; 25. It includes an analytical reasoning sect.; 27. ___-80 (old computer); 29. Nascar Hall of Fame locale: Abbr.; 32. A good defense may result in it, briefly; 43. ___ suspension (ear drops); 44. “And that sort of thing”: Abbr.; 51. “Configuration” artist; 53. Enrich; 55. Not as experienced; 59. Place for a rip. — DOWN: 1. Ingenious; 2. Ball’s lack; 3. Continental pass provider; 4. Common flashlight fillers; 5. South Korea’s Roh ___ Woo; 6. Cartoon busman Mann; 8. Gives a passing acknowledgment; 11. Firing result; 14. Soprano player Robert; 15. Hook accompanier; 22. Hit lightly; 26. Painful struggle; 28. Look bad?; 30. Put down; 31. Movie heroine Norma ___ Webster; 35. Some cashless commerce; 36. Prefix with -meric, or -metric; 37. Get on the bottom?; 38. Seemingly; 39. Cut; 45. Protect; 47. Six-Day War figure; 50. Owl in Harry Potter tales; 52. Brought (in), as music; 54. He met Charon in the underworld; 55. Return request: Abbr.; 56. A, Jay or Ray; 58. Boxer rebellion cries?; 60. ___ Mary’s (L.A. college); 62. Black bird; 63. Young pond dweller.

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