09.24.11 — In Search of the Gist

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Puzzle by Jeremy Horwitz / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Bit of miner’s gear, HEADLAMP; 9. Go for first, PREFER; 15. Take pains, ENDEAVOR; 16. Where it’s at, LOCALE; 17. Upbeat, POSITIVE; 18. Much of Micronesia, ATOLLS; 19. Use a Zen garden, MEDITATE; 21. Gloating cry, SEE; 22. Disallowed FedEx destination, P O BOX; 25. EERO Aarnio, innovative furniture designer; 26. Put on cloud nine, SENT; 27. Spacewalks and moonwalks, briefly, EVAS; 28. Put back in order?, STET; 29. Direction for a boxer, SIC; 30. Tip for a writer, NIB; 31. Creator of many 38-Across, JOHN GRISHAM; 35. Response to “Thanks so much”, ANYTIME; 37. Once-common urban skyline sights, AERIALS; 38. Many 31-Across characters, LEGAL EAGLES; 40. Free, RID; 41. See 42-Across, OUT; 42. With 41-Across, discuss, TALK; 43. Kellogg’s brand, EGGO; 44. Wrigley sticks?, BATS; 46. Characteristic governor, GENE; 47. Bakers’ dozen, maybe?, OVENS; 48. Mars, e.g., ORB; 49. Title for Wallis Simpson, HER GRACE; 51. Opening for the wrist or the back?, SLAP ON; 53. Attend the lectures of, SIT UNDER; 57. Curve-cutting line, SECANT; 58. She played Jane in “Fun With Dick and Jane,” 2005, TEA LEONI; 59. Where traditional bloomers gather, ANKLES; 60. Aim for, ASPIRE TO.

Down — 1. Cool, once, HEP; 2. “Warszawa” instrumentalist, ENO; 3. Much e-mail, ADS; 4. Martian moon, DEIMOS; 5. Glove material, LATEX; 6. Like noisy fans, AVID; 7. Place to witness a big scene?, MOVIE THEATER; 8. What a bar mitzvah recently was, PRE-TEEN; 9. “Apology” author, PLATO; 10. Drills that can bore, ROTE; 11. Conscious beginning?, ECO; 12. Bum rap, FALSE CHARGE; 13. Astronaut Ochoa, ELLEN; 14. Fix, as ribs?, RESET; 20. Nude showers?, ART GALLERIES; 22. Kind of code, PENAL; 23. Like ones that are fleeced, OVINE; 24. Bum rap?, BABY GOT BACK; 26. Aye-aye relative?, SI SI; 28. Certain, SOME; 29. Sean Connery and Roger Moore, e.g., SIRS; 31. End it with suddenly, JILT; 32. Be mephitic, REEK; 33. Associate (with), ALIGN; 34. Kind of PC command, MS DOS; 36. Certain crosses, TAUS; 39. Ice-T or Ice Cube persona, GANGSTA; 43. Plane, e.g., EVENER; 44. Nova preceder, BOSSA; 45. Composer nominated for an Oscar for “Blues in the Night”, ARLEN; 46. Lavatory label, GENTS; 47. Circular windows, OCULI; 49. Make more efficient, HONE; 50. “A TAP at the pane”: Robert Browning; 52. Mate, PAL; 54. DOE-eyed; 55. Fictional creature whose name is Old English for “giant”, ENT; 56. Museu do Indio site, RIO.


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