09.16.11 — The Friday Crossword

Friday, September 16, 2011

Puzzle by Joe DiPietro / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Reduce to bare bones, STRIP DOWN; 10. “Hey you!”, PSSST; 15. 1990 Clint Eastwood cop film, THE ROOKIE; 16. Studio sign, ON AIR; 17. Likely to take chances, RISK PRONE; 18. Figure on a bridge score sheet, TALLY; 19. Money competitor, INC; 20. Was up to date, with “out”?, ASKED; 21. They may work for both sides, SPIES; 22. Pitlik who directed “Barney Miller” and “Mr. Belvedere”, NOAM; 24. Toledo-to-Columbus dir., SSE; 26. Shut (up), PENT; 27. Reaction of thirsty people, GULPING; 31. Firm, AL DENTE; 33. Wallace who wrote “Angle of Repose”, STEGNER; 34. Stolen, PIRATED; 35. Old “One mission. Yours.” sloganeer, TWA; 36. Miss USA; 37. Worse than awful, HEINOUS; 41. Blowout, SHINDIG; 46. Small night creatures, ELF OWLS; 47. Reckless smuggler of sci-fi, HAN SOLO; 48. Area close to a hockey net, SLOT; 49. Abbr. before “Co.” in some company names, MFG; 51. Suffer from the heat, WILT; 52. Having less coverage, BARER; 54. Go down again, so to speak, RECUR; 58. Frost relative, DEW; 59. “Get A MOVE on!”; 60. “Generally speaking ..”, ON AVERAGE; 62. Hit the bottom of?, CANED; 63. Spread quickly over the Internet, GONE VIRAL; 64. Laments, KEENS; 65. Put one’s feet up in neighborly fashion, SAT A SPELL.

Down — 1. Series, STRINGS; 2. Become sparse, THIN OUT; 3. Change one’s image, in a way, RESCALE; 4. Needle, IRK; 5. POP A wheelie; 6. Actress Diana DORS; 7. “Enough already … relax!”, OK OK; 8. Blushes, say, WINES; 9. Has trouble getting started, NEEDS A PUSH; 10. Piles of chips, say, POTS; 11. Stir-fry vegetable, SNAP PEA; 12. Pronounced, SALIENT; 13. Matte finish?, SILENT E; 14. Met on the down-low, TRYSTED; 23. Certain meas. of economy, MPG; 25. Kings prophet, ELISHA; 28. Getting dragged along, IN TOW; 29. Minnesota home of Martin Luther, NEW ULM; 30. Semiterrestrial bug-catchers, GRASS FROGS; 32. Sap; DRAIN; 37. Alice Cooper’s appropriately titled theme song for “Friday the 13th Part VI”, HE’S BACK; 38. Morse who sang “Cow-Cow Boogie”, ELLA MAE; 39. “From my perspective …”, I FOR ONE; 40. Much less than that, NOT EVEN; 42. Australian state: Abbr., NSW; 43. “Is it worth the chance?”, DO I DARE; 44. Criminal, ILLEGAL; 45. Recovered, GOT WELL; 50. Explorer John Cabot’s birthplace, GENOA; 53. Some M&M’s, REDS; 55. “Im busy then”, CAN’T; 56. Eye part, UVEA; 57. Powers (up), REVS; 61. Big swing, RIP.


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