09.03.11 — What's The Trouble?

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Puzzle by Peter Wentz / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. “Star Wars” villain, JABBA; 6. Broken thing in “Gimme a break”, KIT KAT BAR; 15. Perform “All of Me,” say, CROON; 16. Performing perfectly, IN A GROOVE; 17. Chili container, CROCK; 18. Pirate’s implement, DVD BURNER; 19. Sapporo’s home, HOKKAIDO; 21. Nobel-winning economist James MEADE; 22. “Would you look at that!”, AWW; 23. Inventor of the battery in 1800, VOLTA; 26. Extinct wingless bird, MOA; 27. Birth city of Mother Teresa, SKOPJE; 30. It’s acquired in the sun, VITAMIN D; 33. A little too quiet, perhaps, EERIE; 34. Gruff rejoinder, SEZ WHO; 35. Brewmaster’s science, ZYMURGY; 37. Term for some morning deejays, ZOO CREW; 41. Having been tainted, as a drink, SKUNKY; 43. United hub, O’HARE; 44. Noted role for 46-Down, MR MIYAGI; 47. Many domes, STADIA; 48. Great Society inits., OEO; 49. MENLO Park; 51. “That’s awful!”, ICK; 52. David HARUM,” Edward Noyes Westcott novel; 55. Ninnies, FATHEADS; 58. It stirs things up, AGITATION; 61. About to happen, ON TAP; 62. Gathering place for animals, WATER HOLE; 63. Glandular opening?, ADENO; 64. They’re thrown over the shoulder, KNAPSACKS; 65. Reading for another play, RESET.

Down 1. Former ’N Sync vocalist and judge on “America’s Best Dance Crew”, JC CHASEZ; 2. Pointer for a computer user, ARROW KEY; 3. Bibliolater, BOOKWORM; 4. Dark quaff, BOCK; 5. “Tonight My Love, Tonight” singer, ANKA; 6. Little fella, KIDDO; 7. Absorb, INVOLVE; 8. Sliver, TAD; 9. Former org. for Azerbaijani president Heydar Aliyev, KGB; 10. Poisonous lily, ARUM; 11. Moved with force, TORE; 12. Cleanser with the logo of a chick emerging from an egg, BON AMI; 13. Photographer who once collaborated with Capote, AVEDON; 14. Brushed up on, REREAD; 20. “I’VE changed”; 24. Excited state, TIZZY; 25. U.K. highway connecting London and Dover, A TWO; 28. Ninth successor of St. Peter, PIUS I; 29. Beef product, JERKY; 31. Screamingly funny, A HOOT; 32. Part of a mudslide, maybe, MOCHA; 34. “The Tinker’s Wedding” playwright, SYNGE; 36. Japanese capture after Pearl Harbor, GUAM; 38. Projects, in a good way, RADIATES; 39. “Grey’s Anatomy” actor, ERIC DANE; 40. Chink in the armor, WEAK SPOT; 42. Relatives, KINFOLK; 44. Fashion strip?, MOHAWK; 45. “The REAGAN Diaries” (2007 best seller); 46. Actor Pat MORITA; 47. Sponge, SOT; 50. They’re added in some infrastructure upgrades, LANES; 53. Conference USA sch., UTEP; 54. “The Sands of MARS” (Arthur C. Clarke’s first science fiction novel); 56. Window coating?, HOAR; 57. German fantasy writer Michael ENDE; 59. Article in hip-hop, THA; 60. Org. against doping, IOC.


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