09.23.11 — The Equinox and Et Cetera


Friday, September 23, 2011 — the Equinox

Puzzle by Mike Nothnagel / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. It has rock bands, AGATE; 6. Pooh-pooh, SNEEZE AT; 14. SABER-toothed; 15. Informal show of approval?, STANDING O,  fine example HERE; 16. Stroll; AMBLE; 17. Factor affecting Google search results, WORD ORDER; 18. Juicer detritus, PEELS; 19. Modern proofs-of-purchase, for short, UPCS; 20. Takes for a ride, CONS; 21. Many gamblers have them, SYSTEMS; 23. Self-help book, HOW-TO; 24. Gaston who wrote “The Phantom of the Opera”, LEROUX; 25. Include as an extra, TAG ON; 28. AVON Lady (decades-old commercial creation); 29. Movie credits, usually, CRAWLS; 31. Collision sound, BAM; 34. “Dominus illuminatio MEA” (Oxford University’s motto); 35. Validate, BEAR OUT; 36. “OYE Como Va” (1971 hit); 37. It makes a lot of connections, AND; 38. Give a slant to, UPTILT; 39. Follower’s response, I SEE; 40. In many cases, OFTEN; 41. Worries, EATS AT; 43. Last report on the evening news, typically, FLUFF; 46. Deny, GAINSAY; 48. Give a good rubdown, ROLF; 49. Blue shade, TEAL; 51. Providers of directions, VANES; 53. Admitted, OWNED UP TO; 55. The Temptations’ “Since I LOST My Baby”; 56. Leisure, SPARE TIME; 57. Spitting mad, LIVID; 58. Something a drunkard is liable to hit, THE SAUCE; 59. Turns brown quickly, SEARS.

Down — 1. Before all else, ASAP; 2. Series ender, sometimes, GAME SEVEN; 3. 1969 #1 album for 11 weeks, ABBEY ROAD; 4. Betrays, in a way, TELLS ON; 5. 1974 lyric repeated after “Como una promesa”, ERES TU; 6. Plea from the self-conscious, STOP STARING AT ME; 7. One looking for a deal?, NARC; 8. Some blockers, ENDS; 9. Old Tokyo, EDO; 10. Diamond substitute, ZIRCON; 11. Grand, ENDOW; 12. 7-Down, for one, AGENT; 13. Many a sculpture, TORSO; 15. Like some Olympic races, SWUM; 22. Not counting, EXCEPT; 23. Multitude, HOST; 24. Asian spiritual guide, LAMA; 26. One who’s gone but not forgotten, AWOL; 27. Muscles strengthened by squats, GLUTEI; 31. Music style derived from samba and jazz, BOSSA NOVA; 32. Agreement from one’s mate?, AYE AYE SIR; 33. Big competition, MEET; 35. Aficionado, BUFF; 39. Phrase used to 46-Across, IT’S A LIE; 40. Proposals, OFFERS; 42. Forgers’ tools, ANVILS; 43. He famously asked “Why didn’t you burn the tapes?”, FROST; 44. Vinegar quality, LOW PH; 45. Attachments to pronator quadratus muscles, ULNAE; 47. Botanical balm, ALOE; 49. Object frequently painted by Degas, TUTU; 50. Grand, EPIC; 52. Some govt. issuances: Abbr., STDS; 54. Employer of many a 7-Down, DEA.

There is a harmony in autumn, and a luster in its sky,
which through the summer is not heard or seen,
as if it could not be, as if it had not been!
 ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley

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