06.06.12 — EDIS by SIDE

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Puzzle by Gary Cee / Edited by Will Shortz

FLIP / SIDE (1A. With 65-Across, part of a record … or what each of this puzzle’s five long Across answers has?), ENCHANTED ISLAND, LYME DISEASE, THEATRE DISTRICT, PICTURE DISC and JEDI STAR FIGHTER (e.g., answers containing the letters S, I, D and E flipped within those five answers, [EDIS] ) constitutes the interrelated group of this languid Wednesday crossword.

Other — AMIDST, DELAWARE (52A. State with just three counties), EXTRAS, FILLMORE (20A. Last Whig president), Obi-Wan KENOBI, MALE SEX, RELINE, ROSWELL (46A. City with a U.F.O. museum), TOE TAG (39D. Morgue ID), USEFUL.


Short stuff — ALAS, ALI and ANI, AMPS, ARA, AROD, AS IS, ATRI, AVON, DRAB, ENCL, ERLE, ETAS, FIEF, HIST, IBO, ICEE, INCL, IONO, LONI, LSTS, MAUI, MIMI, MR ED, Rapa NUI, OREL, PCPS, PETS, POHL, RAIL, RED and REED, Jet-SET, SODS, SOLE, STAC, TBS, “VENI, vidi, vici“, “WHO’S calling?”, YOHO (26A. Disney tune subtitled “A Pirate’s Life for Me”).


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 5. Actress Knightley; 14. Prefix with sphere; 15. Get all A’s; 16. Big name in paperback publishing; 17. Puerto Rico, affectionately, with “the”; 21. Mixologist’s unit; 22. Basketball Hall of Fame coach Hank; 23. What the Mars symbol symbolizes; 25. Malady named after a Connecticut town?; 30. Does a pre-laundry chore; 31. Rapa ___ (locale of many monoliths); 32. Stereo parts; 36. London’s West End, e.g.; 40. Repairs, as a golf green; 41. What makes Shrek shriek??; 42. ___-Loompa (chocolate factory dwarf) 43.. Record collector’s curio; 51. Stop, as a launch; 57. Lucasfilm aircraft; 50. “Ah, ‘twas not to be”; 61. Big name in coffeemakers; 62. Righty Hershiser; 63. Arts and Sciences dept.; 64. Sumptuous fur; 65. See 1-Across. — DOWN: 1. Feudal estate; 2. Actress Anderson; 3. With: Abbr.; 4. Science fiction writer Frederik; 6. Over 300,000 of these appear in “Gandhi”; 7. Frozen beverage brand; 8. Like a matador’s cape; 9. Successor of Muhammad, to Shiites; 10. Appraiser’s figure; 11. Maiden name of Harry Potter’s mother; 12. Present occasion; 13. Rear of many a book; 18. In the heart of; 19. Only; 23. Wailuku is its county seat; 24. Sale tag condition; 25. W.W. II naval vessels: Abbr.; 27. TV star who homered off Koufax in a 1963 episode; 28. Airport postings, for short; 29. Bring a relationship to a close; 32. Yankees’ #13, to fans; 33. “La Boheme” role; 34. Psychedelic drugs, for short; 35. Quick and detached, in mus.; 37. Train travel; 38. Abbr. on the bottom of a business letter; 43. Animals with collars, often; 44. Of service; 45. Winterize, as a coat; 46. Indian ruler; 47. Printing daggers; 48. Cokes and such; 49. Pulse-0taking spot; 54. Longfellow bell town; 55. Clarinetist’s need; 56. Writer ___ Stanley Gardner; 58. Conan O’Brien’s network; 59. Celestial altar.

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