06.02.12 — Roundabout Route

The photo includes music hall queen Lillian Russell and Diamond Jim Brady, the railroad car builder, but it is uncertain which they are. From the George S. Bolster Photographic Collection of the Historical Society of Saratoga Springs


Saturday, June 2, 2012

Puzzle by Tim Croce / Edited by Will Shortz

Nine fifteen-letter across answers constitute the main feature of this meandering Saturday crossword:

  • STRAINED PEACHES (1. Dessert for an infant)
  • ROUNDABOUT ROUTE (16. A straight shot it’s not)
  • IT’S NO COMPARISON (17. “Bi-i-ig difference!”)
  • CONCEALED WEAPON (33. It may be pulled out while holding something up)
  • TO A LESSER EXTENT (38. Not so significantly)
  • IMMEDIATE DANGER (39. Cause for urgent action)
  • DIAMOND JIM BRADY (53. Tycoon who was the first person in New York City to own a car)
  • IT TAKES A VILLAGE (59. Best seller that begins “Children are not rugged individualists”)
  • DEEPEST RECESSES (60. Lease accessible parts)

Other — ACTION, ALSACE, ANDREW, BOOMER, ENAMOR, EXAM TABLE (36D. Fixture in a doctor’s office), GENTRY, I DO INDEED (5D. “Absolutely!”), NO ONE’S, SWEET ON (22D. Liking a lot), UNPEGS.

Short stuff — “Guten ABEND“, ANN, ARRS,AS I said …“, ATE, AWN, COILS, COW, DID, DOM, DST, EBON, EPI, ETAIL, ETO, GRRR, HAAS, HEW, HUS, IHN, ISL (20A. Certain chain unit: Abbr.), ITE, JAR, MIMIC, MOSSY, MTS (46A. Certain chain units: Abbr.); NACHO, NEO and NOE, PEN, PINES, POKE, PUP, RLS, RUSS, SAL, SEN, SOS, SRIS, UNG, TOTO, UNO, VIA, VIVE l‘amour“, WED, WYES.


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Puzzle available on the internet at
THE NEW YORK TIMES — Crossword Puzzles and Games.

Remaining clues — ACROSS: 18. Plea before going under; 19. Him, in Hamburg; 21. What’s next to nothing in Nogales?; 22. Paradise in literature; 24. Produced some pitches; 28. “Guten ___” (German greeting); 31. Beard growing out of an ear; 32. San Francisco’s ___ Valley; 40. Gothic leader?; 41. Push around; 42. Very conservative; 43. [Don’t touch my food!]; 45. One chained to a desk, say; 47. Prefix with central; 49. Going through; 50. Fell. — DOWN: 1. Eastern titles; 2. Entirely, after “in”; 3. Hodges who called baseball’s “shot heard ‘round the world”; 4. Fay’s “King Kong” role; 6. Taqueria tidbit; 7. Jet; 8. Title in an order; 9. Brand-new toy?; 10. Net sales; 11. Terminal list: Abbr.; 12. Many stored hoses; 13. Czech martyr Jan; 14. Gen. Bradley’s area: Abbr.; 15. Person going into a house?: Abbr.; 21. Man in a tree?; 22. Liking a lot; 23. Name shared by two U.S. presidents; 25. Lets off the hook?; 26. Unclaimed; 27. Upper crust; 28. Trouper’s skill; 29. New arrival of the 1950s?; 30. More than fascinate; 31. It shares a border with Switzerland; 35. Not single; 37. Periodic law figs.; 44. Change the borders of, say; 45. Some pitch producers; 46. Look a lot like; 48. Dawdle; 50. 2009 Wimbledon semifinalist Tommy; 51. Best by a bit; 52. Some branched pipes; 53. Served the purpose; 54. Urban trailer?; 55. Went from soup to nuts, say; 56. Syst. first implemented during W.W.I; 67. Faze; 58. Inits. of Ben Gunn’s creator.

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