06.07.12 — I Before E

This radio astronomy image, from the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey (CGPS), reveals a region of our own Milky Way Galaxy that is being energized and recycled by the creation and destruction of massive stars. The glowing filament-like clouds of dust and gas, extending between stars, compose the interstellar medium. Bright compact nodules of this gas cradle newborn stars and extended shells mark the sites where stars have died.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Puzzle by Joe Krozel / Edited by Will Shortz

I BEFORE / E EXCEPT / AFTER C (13A. With 14- and 64-Across, familiar rule not always followed), along with several scattered examples within the crossword, including two four-square circled sets containing the letters I and E, constitutes the main feature of this odd Thursday crossword.

Other across — 7. Add liberally to, HEAP ON; 15. 5-Down and others, GOLF TOURNAMENT; 17. Da’s opposite, NYET; 18. Bygone record label, ARISTA; 19. Melodramatic sound, SOB; 20. Adobes and abodes, HOMES; 22. Touchdown stat, ETA; 24. Twins sharing a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, OLSENS; 27. Push to the right, say, INDENT; 30. Part of an extended family, NIECE; 31. Chem. Assay, ANAL; 32. China problem, CHIP; 35. Cap, CEILING; 37. It’s good for your health, HYGIENE; 39. Automaker Ferrari, ENZO; 40. QB calls, HUTS; 42. WEIRD Tales, magazine where many H.P. Lovecraft stories first appeared; 43. Ban on strip mining, e.g., ECO-LAW; 45. Western and foreign, to moviegoers, GENRES; 46. Chess piece: Abbr., KNT; 47. “I DON’T want to talk about it”; 49. Be behind, OWE; 52. Relaxes, LETS UP; 54. Fordham athletes, RAMS; 58. Studier of distant emissions, RADIO ASTRONOMER; 61. Major, BIG NAME; 62. Ones giving cash for quarters, ROOMERS; 63. Some Rijksmuseum holdings, STEENS.

Down — 1. “It’s A BOY!”; 2. Take out, DELE; 3. Not paid for, as factory work, OFF THE CLOCK; 4. One to build on, LOT; 5. Some charitable sporting events, PRO-AMS; 6. Part of un jour, HEURE; 7. How some argue, HEATEDLY; 8. One who’s split, EX-MATE; 9. Pal, ACE; 10. Authors, PENS; 11. Vision: Prefix, OPTO; 12. Investigator of many accidents, for short, NTSB; 13. Engine part: Abbr., IGN; 14. Northern extremes?, ENS; 16. Mr. Mojo RISIN (anagrammatic nickname for Jim Morrison); 21. “That’s ONE I hadn’t heard”; 23. Subject of a six-volume history by Edward Gibbon, ANCIENT ROME; 24. “Going ONCE …”; 25. Property claim, LIEN; 26. Lay claim to, SEIZE; 28. Informal turndowns, NAHS; 29. Its for more than one, THEIR; 31. It flows in un rio, AGUA; 33. Brief start, IN RE; 34. Ones hoofing it, PEDS; 36. Stars and others, NHL TEAMS; 38. Rocker Stefani, GWEN; 41. Plot feature, TWIST; 44. Temporarily out, say, ON LOAN; 45. Disappear, GO POOF; 48. Sorghum variety, DURRA; 49. Stars, e.g., ORBS; 50. Checkout line complaint, WAIT; 51. Kind of piece in a jigsaw puzzle, AMER; 56. Bobcat or Cougar, for short, MERC; 57. Class that’s soon to leave: Abbr., SRS; 59. Suffix with opal, INE; 60. Sarcasm clarifier, NOT.


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