06.01.12 — Elementary


Friday, June 1, 2012

Puzzle by Joe Krozel / Edited by Will Shortz

Stark and simple, this friendly Friday crossword is quite low in clue/answer count, yet features an unusual amount of variety:

Across — 1. Children’s author Eleanor, ESTES; 6. Environment of many old PCs, MSDOS; 11. Opposite of ample, MEAGER; 13. Grapefruit taste-alike, POMELO; 14. Heated house for newborn chicks, BROODER; 16. Round number?, CALIBER; 17. Restless, in scores, AGITATO; 18. Go beyond seconds say, OVEREAT; 19. Confirmation declaration, YES IT IS; 20. Some people in costume, MASKERS; 21. “This doesn’t exactly require a Ph.D.”, IT’S ELEMENTARY; 23. What big banks underwent in 2009, STRESS TESTS; 24. A TO B (initial step); 25. They may be studied along with languages, LITERATURES; 33. What past performance may portend, FUTURE RESULTS; 35. Wild West symbol of authority, TIN STAR; 36. Practice at a track, RUN LAPS; 38. Went for something else, RECHOSE; 39. SeaWorld attraction, MANATEE; 40. Put people in their places?, USHERED; 41. Activity in “Ghostbusters”, SLIMING; 42. Firewood measures, STERES; 43. Attempt to recall the passed?, SÉANCE; 44. Stunned, in a way, TASED; 45. German composer with a palindromic name, REGER.

Down — 1. Enclose in a recess, EMBAY; 2. Eisenstein who directed “The Battleship Potemkin”, SERGEI; 32. Some Asian believers, TAOISTS; 4. Hardly the self-effacing sort, EGOTIST; 5. Not so frantic, SEDATER; 6. Really bothers, MOLESTS; 7. Give a smug look, SMIRK AT; 8. Big name in diamonds, DE BEERS; 9. Last name in Chicago lore, O’LEARY; 10. It’s unsettling to be out of them, SORTS; 12. Patch up, in a way, as a space shuttle, RETILE; 13. Quaint, dignified dance for couples, PAVANE; 15. Valentine verse starter, ROSES ARE RED; 16. Reach an agreement, COME TO TERMS; 22. Many a red dwarf, M STAR; 25. Things people “do” in the early afternoon, LUNCHES; 26. Mailbox checker’s excited cry, IT’S HERE; 27. Taught a lesson, maybe, TUTORED; 28. Goes back on one’s word?, ERASES; 29. Same old orders, USUALS; 30. Less congealed, RUNNIER; 31. Singer Morse with the 1952 hit “The Blacksmith Blues, ELLA MAE; 32. Giving expression to, STATING; 33. Piñata-hitting occasion, FIESTA; 34. Superlawyer Gerry who wrote “How to Argue and Win Every Time”, SPENCE; 35. “TRUST no one”; 37. “Old Time Rock & Roll” rocker, SEGER.


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Anonymous said...

More properly, a grapefruit is a pomelo taste-alike since grapefruit trees are hybrids of pomelo trees and orange trees.