06.09.12 — Is That All?

Olav den Helliges død, Peter Nicolai Arbo, 1859
Romantised painting illustrating the king's death in the Battle of Stiklestad.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Puzzle by David Quarfoot / Edited by Will Shortz


Across — 1. Al Jazeera locale, DOHA QATAR; 10. Shot, PHOTO; 15. 2012 election issue, OBAMACARE; 16. Set A TRAP; 17. Flip, GO BANANAS; 18. Boss’s directive, SEE ME; 19. Mens REA; 20. Soup flavorer, DILL; 21. Source of some inside info?, CT SCAN; 22. Trouble in the night, APNEA; 24. Snarky reply after a lecture, IS THAT ALL; 26. W.W. II battle town, CAEN; 27. Bird named for its call, NENE; 28. Foreign leader, REY; 29. Slip, ERROR; 31. Relishes, EATS UP; 34. Leader given the posthumous title Rex Perpetuus Norvegiae, ST OLAV; 36. Trinity member, THE SON; 40. Jones’s “Men in Black” role, AGENT K; 44. Calculus, e.g., STONE; 45. Undercover wear?, PJS; 48. Close up, SEAL; 49. Mates, CREW; 50. Collegiate honor society of Bloomberg and Iacocca, TAU BETA PI; 53. Annie who voiced Bo Peep in “Toy Story”, POTTS; 54. Sticking points?, BRIARS; 55. Cross reference?, INRI; 57. Executed, DID; 58. Word with control or sight, OUTTA; 59. Access provider, LOG-IN NAME; 61. Some are bitter, ALOES; 62. Avalanche gear; 63. Clipped, TERSE; 64. #1 on VH1’s “40 Hottest Hotties of the ‘90s”, MARKY MARK.

Down — 1. Popular events for gamblers, DOG RACES; 2. The Duck in “peter and the Wolf”, OBOE PART; 32. It rates over 100,000 on the Scoville scale, HABANERO; 4. Health advocacy abbr., AMA; 5. Grilling option, Q AND A; 6. Berry variety, ACAI; 7. Nudist’s lack, TAN LINE; 8. Shrinking body, ARAL SEA; 9. Brief word, RES; 10. Noodles, PASTA; 11. ‘50s trial, H TEST; 12. Rock carrier, ORE CAR; 13. Dish containing masa, TAMALE; 14. How one might speak, OPENLY; 21. Where to pin a medal, CHEST; 23. First name in aviation, ENOLA; 25. Major downer?, TNT; 30. Taunt, rag; 32. Pause fillers, UHS; 33. PETCO Park, home of the San Diego Padres; 35. Wedding wear, VESTS; 37. Spreadsheet command, SORT DATA; 38. Hockey shot involving two players, ONE TIMER; 39. Story locale?, NEWSDESK; 41. School grp., NEA; 42. Food whose name comes from the Tupi language of South America, TAPIOCA; 43. “M*A*S*H” character from Toledo, Ohio, KLINGER; 45. Military craft, PT BOAT; 46. “Pain Is Love” rapper, JA RULE; 47. Beau, SUITOR; 51. Big name in motels, BATES; 52. Clean, in a way, ERASE; 53. What may represent “I” in American Sign Language, PINKY; 56. Game played across the world, RISK; 59. Calculus abbr., LIM; 60. Setting in “Call of Duty: Black Ops,” informally, NAM.


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