06.16.12 — Saturday Spice

The Spice Girls at their final reunion concert in
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (26 February 2008)


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Puzzle by Barry C. Silk / Edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Mass merchandise, ORGANS; 7. A nerd has a low one, SOCIAL IQ; 15. Side effect or ride effect?, NAUSEA; 16. Where to select Select All, EDIT MENU; 17. Won’t shut up, RUNS ON; 18. Far Eastern marinade, TERIYAKI; 19. “Les Misérables” feature, ACCENT; 20. Avian abductors, ROCS; 21. One goes along the 38th parallel, briefly, DMZ; 22. Protective zoo feature, MOAT; 23. 49-Across maker, AMANA; 25. Wind sound, MOAN; 26. Unthreatening sorts, PUSSYCATS; 28. Don Diego de la Vega, familiarly, ZORRO; 29. Dir. From 30-Across to Norfolk, SSE; 30. See 29-Across, ERIE; 31. Some change in Russia, KOPEKS; 32. Ab follower, ELUL; 33. Aid in getting around, CANE; 34. Brown drawer, SCHULZ; 37. Father figure?, MONK; 38. Alternative to mushrooms, LSD; 41. Puts some black lines on, CHARS; 42. Youngest member of a 1990s girl group, BABY SPICE; 44. Sign of spotlessness, HALO; 45. Leave, LET BE; 46. Like anatomical anvils, OTIC; 47. ITT Tech; 48. Lightsaber user, JEDI; 49. 23-Across product, WASHER; 51. Slowly came through, SEEPED IN; 53. Chao of George W. Bush’s cabinet, ELAINE; 54. Characteristic of salts, MARITIME; 55. Try to get off the straight and narrow, SEDUCE; 56. Thriller killer?, SUSPENSE; 57. Pulling together, say, TEAMED.

Down — 1. They’ll get you going with the flow, ON RAMPS; 2. Like many a juke joint, RAUCOUS; 3. Good place to lay down arms, GUN CASE; 4. Subject of I.R.S. Form 8949, ASSETS; 5. It’s noble, NEON; 6. Natural Bridges State Beach locale, SANTA CRUZ; 7. Fee, SET RATE; 8. Some classic theaters, ODEONS; 9. Around, CIRCA; 10. Reply to “Really?”, IT IS; 11. Tan in a bookstore, AMY; 12. Material for a slag furnace, LEAD ORE; 13. Hard-to-remove stain, INK MARK; 14. Chain serving Torpedoes and Bullets, QUIZNOS; 24. It’s deposited in drops, MAIL; 25. Betray dejection, MOPE; 27. Roars, YELLS; 28. Drops off, with “out”, ZONKS; 31. About whom Obama said: “He is a jackass. But he’s talented”, KANYE WEST; 32. New circulator of 2002, EURO; 33. All-Century Team member, COBB; 34. Breaks, SCHISMS; 35. Nice country house, CHATEAU; 36. They bear arms, HALTERS; 37. Preprandial performance, MATINEE; 38. Big Chilean export, LITHIUM; 39. Focus of some fairs, SCIENCE; 40. Ordered, DECREED; 42. Obfuscates, BEDIMS; 43. Mexican motel, POSADA; 45. Ushered, LED IN; 48. Simple gymnastics move, JETÉ; 50. One way to direct a helm, ALEE; 52. Casino spot, PIP.


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Anonymous said...

They bear arms or bare arms?

MAX KING said...

What in the world is ABELUL??

And "bear arms" would be acceptable in a crostic, but in a crossword??

How is "puts some black lines on" chars? What have lines to do with it?

How is suspense a "thriller killer"? Isn't suspense the mother of thrills?

DONALD said...


AB ELUL is from a complex ancient calendar in use among Jewish people. It is a lunar calendar adapted to the solar year, normally consisting of twelve months but having thirteen months in leap years, which occur seven times in every cycle of nineteen years. The years are reckoned from the Creation (which is placed at 3761 bc); the months are Nisan, Iyyar, Sivan, Thammuz, Ab, Elul, Tishri, Hesvan, Kislev, Tebet, Sebat, and Adar, with an intercalary month (First Adar) being added in leap years. The religious year begins with Nisan and ends with Adar, while the civil year begins with Tishri and ends with Elul

Guessing that the lines would be on the item being grilled on a grate.

Perhaps thriller killer is meant as a synonym for suspense...?

They bear arms, HALTERS - guessing here "they" are "halters" with weapons...