08.22.09 -- August Saturday

Beata Beatrix by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1872
August 22, 2009
Puzzle by Karen M. Tracey, edited by Will Shortz
Across -- 1. Spook’s break-in, BAG JOB; 7. Gallery, CORRIDOR; 15. Deafening, ABLARE; 16.
Co-composer of the “Prophecy Theme” in “Dune”, BRIAN ENO; 17. Like some wages and wastelands, FROZEN; 18. Fractions of a gourde, CENTIMES; 19. Muffed on the green, FOOZLED, e.g., to manage clumsily; bungle; 21. Kyle’s baby brother on “South Park”, IKE; 22. They occur when things are all tied up, briefly, OTS; 23. Quick flights, LAMS; 24. Herd : horse :: knot : TOAD; 26. Asian royal, RANEE; 28. Very unpopular model, EDSEL; 30. Very unpopular worker, SCAB; 32. It might get rolled off, LINT; 33. Assemblée législative, SENAT; 35. Blue Light brewer, LABATT; 37. Olympic gold medalist who was a “Dancing With the Stars” champion, KRISTI YAMAGUCHI; 41. One barely living?, NUDIST; 42. Reference abbr., ET SEQ; 43. Home of the Viking Ship Museum, OSLO; 44. Enthused, AGOG; 46. Kid that has a nap, SUED; 50. “WHEN’S the last time…?”; 52. Fresh, ANEW; 54. Physical, e.g., EXAM; 55. Razor handle?, BIC; 56. Creed component, ISM; 58. Italian city with an annual music festival SANREMO; 60. Betters, ENHANCES; 63. Plumlike fruit, LOQUAT; 64. Cut short in performing, STACCATO; 65. Place for many a piano, LOUNGE; 66. Was close to failure, TOTTERED; 67. The Sierra Nevada Minarets, e.g., ARETES.
Down -- 1. Cause to be stuck, BAFFLE; 2. In wide circulation, ABROAD; 3. Depressions, GLOOMS; 4. Swingers’ get-together?, JAZZ SESSION; 5.
Russian oblast or its capital, OREL; 6. “By the Waters of Babylon” author, 1937, BENET; 7. Where Alex Trebek worked as a newscaster, CBC; 8. Brand of 17-Across food, OREIDA; 9. Setting for 37-Across, RINK; 10. Critic, RATER; 11. Ristorante suffix, INI; 12. One who may get dispossessed?, DEMONIAC; 13. Agent’s cut, maybe, ONE TENTH; 14. “Beata Beatrix” painter, ROSSETTI; 20. “I’m all ears!”, DO SAY; 25. Mythological hunter, ACTAEON; 27. Home of the annual Gathering of Nations powwow, the world’s largest celebration of Native American culture, ALBUQUERQUE; 29. Response of assent, LET’S; 31. Panama’s San BLAS Islands; 34. New York congresswoman NITA Lowey; 36. A long stretch, AGES; 37. Have the most reliable info, KNOW BEST; 38. Undertake precipitately RUSH INTO; 39. Yak, IDLE CHAT; 40. You can get them on the house: Abbr., MTGES; 45. It passes through a pollen tube, GAMETE; 47. Dramatic order to leave, EXEUNT; 48. Hit to the wallet, DAMAGE; 49. Doesn’t play conservatively, EMOTES; 51. From, SINCE; 53. When repeated, Columbia feeder, WALLA; 57. Cutting-edge development?, SCAR; 59. American-born queen, NOOR; 61. Performance piece?, ACT; 62. Green stuff, SOD.
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