08.28.09 -- Fatal Error

43D. Shoulder inflammation? -- CAR FIRE
August 28, 2009
Puzzle by David Quarfoot, edited by Will Shortz
FATAL ERROR (53A. A bug may cause it) and TOOK IT EASY (24A. Chilled) are this multifarious Friday crossword’s two long entries, clocking in at ten letters each. Variety and vitality continue with the ensuing nine-letter entries -- AIR CANADA (15A. Company with a maple leaf logo); ERIE CANAL (65A. Construction with many locks); FREE TIBET (1A. Rallying cry supported by some monks); PENNY LANE (67A. Where “all the people that come and go stop and say hello”); SIMPATICO (62A. Congenial); and THE GRUDGE (17A. 2004 horror film about a passed-on curse).
Seven-letter entries -- 45D.
Legendary soprano ADELINA Patti; EDGE OUT (8D. Barely best); ERE LONG (3D. By and by); FATHEAD (1D. Dolt); ILIESCU (13D. Two-time president of Romania); RIHANNA (2D. One-named Grammy winner of 2007); SAFE SEX (39D. Transmission blocker?); SATIRIC (41D. Swiftly done?); SHA LA LA (40D. Title syllables in a hit 1964 song); TO A HAIR (12D. Right in every detail); USS COLE (47D. Destroyer in 2000 headlines); VAN DYKE (14D. Facial feature with a point); VATICAN (46D. Swiss Guards’ setting); and the best of the lot, CAR FIRE (43D. Shoulder inflammation?).
Six-letter -- ANODES (31D. Some poles); BAD DOG (7D. Rebuke to Bowser); CORSET (11D. One with staying power?);
DA GAMA (30A. He sighted and named Natal on Christmas Day of 1497); DÉJÀ VU (44A. Literally, “already seen”); ELIDES (57A. Leaves out); JINXED (21`D. Under a whammy) and JOSHED (21A. Chaffed); SADIST (49D. Happily humiliating type); ZOOM IN (51D. Get close, maybe).
Five-letter -- ABBOT (10D. Superior title?);
ACT IV (10A. When Antony says “I am dying, Egypt, dying”); ANNEE (26A. A year abroad); BOOLA (16A. Part of a college cheery); BRAIN (18A. Major processing center); E-LIST (64A. High-tech subscription aid); INUIT (6D. Kayak propeller); LENTO (54D. Funeral march direction); RIPEN (55D. Soften, often); SARIN (61A. Lethal compound); SODAS (52A. Pops); XACTO (66A. Brand for hobbyists).
Short stuff -- AHAS, AJOB, BETS,
DIAZ (50A. Princess Fiona’s voicer in “Shrek”); ECG, EMIR, ENOS, FOIL, GUNN, HAL (19A. Memorable 1968 movie villain), IDES, KNAR, LACY, LIC, REDA, ROTC (42A. Recruiting org.), RUE, SEAT, SEP, SSS (39A. Recruiting org.), TAE and TAL, TART (5D. Napoleon‘s cousin), [JKA], TAXI, TICK, TIDE and TINS.
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Remaining clues -- Across: 20. Geophysics topic; 22. Book of Mormon book; 28. Jazz-loving TV sleuth of the 1950s-60s; 29. Second indicator?; 32. Airport waiter?; 37. Hawthorne novel stigma; 48. Words teachers like to hear; 56. All of them may be off; 58. That’s a wrap; 60. Hunting req. Down: 4. Beat recorder: Abbr.; 9. Inventor’s inits.; 23. Bottom; 25. Wood blemish; 27. Kaffiyeh-clad commander; 33. 10/15, e.g.; 36. The cooler; 38. Do ___ on; 59. Like some clouds; 62. Third qtr. Ender; 63. “Qué ___?” (José’s “How’s it going?”).

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