08.09.09 -- TV/Movies

August 9, 2009
Puzzle by Patrick Blindauer & Andrea Carla Michaels, edited by Will Shortz
Five 21-letter across entries each combining a television title with a film title constitutes the main feature of this Sunday crossword: GOSSIP GIRL INTERRUPTED (22A. Dirt-dishing lass who’s been cut off?); FATHER KNOWS BEST IN SHOW (44A. Dad is familiar with top Broadway star?); GREYS ANATOMY OF A MURDER (66A. Actor Joel’s crime scene analysis?); TWO AND A HALF MEN IN BLACK (90A. One-quarter of a mourning lacrosse team?); SEX AND THE CITY OF ANGELS (11. Hollywood hanky-panky?).
Remaining entries across: 1. Explorer who has a monetary unit named after him, BALBOA; 7. Nasal tones, TWANGS; 13. “Huddled” group inscribed on the Statue of Liberty, MASSES; 19. Chip in, ANTE UP; 20. Notre Dame cry, GO IRISH; 21. Like an ass, EQUINE; 25.
Summery, ESTIVAL; 26. “Livin’ la Vida LOCA”; 27. Danish coin, ORE; 28. Star of football, to most of the world, PELE; 31. Jeanne d’Arc, for one: Abbr., STE; 32. Season rice dishes, PILAFS; 36. Wayne MANOR (Gotham City abode); 38. Entertainer Bela FLECK; 40. “Right away, boss!”; I’M ON IT; 42. Cheese choice, EDAM; 51. Block buster?, TNT; 52. NIA Peeples of “Fame”; 53. Played again, REPRISED; 54. Constellation near Scorpius, ARA; 55. More raspy, HOARSER; 57. “Finnegans Wake” wife, ANNA; 58. Epic poem in dactylic hexameter, ILIAD; 60 Lhasa APSO (dog); 63. Fourth of September?, TEE; 64. N.Y.C. subway syst., IRT; 65. See 114-Down, CARTE; 73. Printing on many a name tag, HELLO; 74. Ballpark figs., HRS; 75. Japanese band, OBI; 76. Some depictions on a pyramid wall, GODS; 77. It may be blind, ALLEY; 78. Bygone stadium, SHEA; 80. Brand that’s universally liked?, SARA LEE; 83. Used a tuffet, SAT; 84. Backyard briquettes, CHARCOAL; 86. Hack, CAB; 87. Red head, once?, MAO; 95. Emma of “The Avengers”, PEEL; 96. Dennis, to Mr. Wilson, MENACE; 97. Comparatively right-minded, SANE; 98. Ancient Jordanian city with rock carvings, PETRA; 101. Landlord, LESSOR; 103. O.E.D. filler, WDS; 16. Jedi Council leader, YODA; 107. “OLE ELO” (1976 album); 108. Blow the whistle, TOOT; 110. Fervent, INTENSE; 121 Bad way to be caught, IN A LIE; 122. Bone receptacle, OSSUARY; 123. Lament, REGRET; 124. Tomoyuki TANAKA, creator of Godzilla; 125. Just followed Nancy Reagan’s advice?, SAID NO; 126 Some blackboard writing, LESSON.
Down: 1. Tote, BAG; 2. “Wheel of Fortune” purchase, AN O; 3. Some U.S.N.A. grads, LTS; 4. Beg, BESEECH; 5. Some votes in Quebec, OUIS; 6. Calendar data: Abbr., APPTS; 7. When tripled, a W.W. II movie TORA; 8. Self-control, WILL POWER; 9. “Entourage” agent Gold, ARI; 10. “Seduction of the Minotaur” author, NIN; 11. Prime meridian std., GST; 12. Continental SHELF; 13. Grand Marquis, e.g., for short, MERC; 14. Superhero with an octopus named Topo, AQUAMAN; 15. “How’s it goin’, man?”, SUP; 16. Quash, SIT ON; 17. First of 12 abroad, ENERO; 18. Dinner that includes a reading, SEDER; 20. Cry uncle, GIVE IN; 23. “Skedaddle!”, GIT; 24. Beverage brewed from petals, ROSE TEA; 28. Kaput, PFFT; 29. Dash, ELAN; 30. Mikhail Baryshnikov, by birth, LETT; 33. Clouseau title: Abbr., INSP; 34. Common setting in an Indiana Jones movie, LIBRARY; 35. Corroded, ATE INTO; 37. Pro-AMS; 39. Game played at the Mirage, KENO; 41. “Encore!”, MORE; 43. Accomplished, DID; 45. It’s thrown from a horse, RIATA; 46. Carpenter of note, KAREN; 47. I.R.S. ID, SSN; 48. Bob or weave, HAIR-DO; 49. Said “Friends, Romans, countrymen …”, ORATED; 50. Waterproof boots, WADERS; 55. Noted rule maker, HOYLE; 56. Briny, SEA; 58. Set of hospital rms., ICU; 59. Fries order at McDonald’s, maybe, LARGE; 60. Shocked and awed, AGHAST; 61. Poli sci student’s major, maybe; PRE-LAW; 62. Do business with, SELL TO; 64. Real-time e-notes;, IMS; 67. Word with milk or sauce, SOY; 68. Colorado State, athletically, THE RAMS; 69. Future presenters of the past, ORACLES; 70. In favor of, FOR; 71.
Summers, ABACI; 72. MILAN Kundera, author of “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”; 78. Bulb in the kitchen, SHALLOT; 79. “LOL!”, HAH; 80. Do-gooder, SAMARITAN; 81. One of the Baldwins, ALEC; 82. Goes back, EBBS; 84. B train?, CDE; 85. OF NO concern; 87. Hombre’s hand, MANO; 88. Passed with flying colors, ACED; 89. Southern staple, OKRA; 91. Financing fig., APR; 92. One who loves pick-ups?, NEATNIK; 93. Something you love to play with, NEW TOY; 94. What oviparous creatures do, LAY EGGS; 98. Surmise, POSIT; 99. “Marcus Welby, M.D.” actress Verdugo, ELENA; 100. Old TV western starring Rory Calhoun, with “The” TEXAN; 102. Character of a community, ETHOS; 104. DEF Leppard; 105. What traffic and dogs do, SNARL; 109. Greek theaters, ODEA; 111. “Wedding Bell Blues” singer Laura NYRO; 112. Snick’s partner, SNEE; 114. With 65-Across, like some orders, ALA; 115. That, in Oaxaca, ESA; 116. Hit TV show set in Las Vegas, CSI; 117. Pill alternative, for short, IUD; 118. Stumblers’ sounds, ERS; 119. One of 13 popes, LEO; 120. Stop on a track: Abbr., STN.
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