08.18.09 -- Fruit Fight

August 18, 2009
Puzzle by Tony Orbach, edited by Will Shortz
BANANA SPLIT (17A. Fountain treat), LEMON CREAM (27A. Tangy pie filler), APPLE CRUMBLE (37A. Relative of a certain cobbler), CHERRY MASH (51A. Candy bar with maraschinos) and ORANGE CRUSH (59A. Popular Fanta-like soda) are the interrelated entries of this clever and amusing Tuesday crossword. The fruit (banana, lemon, apple, cherry and orange) along with the implied violence of split, cream, crumble, mash and crush make for an image of a colorful and healthy food fight -- throw in a lone apple for ISAAC NEWTON (25D. Scientist who experienced a great fall?).
T-BONE STEAKS (11D. Rib-eye alternatives) leads off the longer entries which include
BROWN COW (40D. Root beer float with chocolate ice cream) and PONIES UP (5D. Pays what’s due), followed by six seven-letter entries -- IN-HOUSE (42D. Not farmed out), LOSES IT (30A. Goes postal), OTTOMAN (13D. Club chair companion piece), SEA SALT (12D. Natural seasoning), SPOOKED (50A. A little scared) and TICKLED (41D. Amused).
Five- and six-letter -- ABRUPT (1A. Short); ACURA (35D. Lexus competitor); ALCOA (36D. Big name in metal foil); ARCADE (44A. Game keeper?); BOURNE (68A. Robert Ludlum hero searching for his identity); ELITE (23A. Type size used in typewriters);
ICARUS (34A. He flew too close to the sun, in myth); I CAN SO (21A. “Just watch me!”); KOWTOW (55A. Show deep respect [to]); LAPSE (7D. Run out, as a subscription); MACRO (28D. Lens type); MY WORD (49D. “Dear me!”); PROMOS (14A. Plugs); RETINA (10D. Eye part); SENOR (53D. Guadalajara guy); SWELLS (71A. Balloons); TERPS (26D. Maryland squad); WASPS (54A. Big stingers).
Short stuff -- AAAS, ABE and ABET, ACH, AGAR, AIDE, AIL, APB, ATTN, BRA, CCS, DEER, DEP and DEN (69A. Hideout), DUO, EARN, EDAM, EDS, ELI, ESOS,
GOAT (19A. Bearded beast), HES, IDI, INN, IRIS (20A. Bearded bloom); ISL, LAIR (7A. Hideout), LOC, MAP, OAHU, OMAR, ORO, ROBO, RON and ROE and RUE, RTES, SHAG, SILT, SLA, SNL, TICS, TSAR and TSO, TICS UMA, URL.
Strange fruit!
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Remaining clues -- Across: 11. General on a Chinese menu; 15. Right-hand person; 16. Help in a heist, say; 32. Penlight batteries; 33. Patty Hearst kidnap grp.; 35. “___ du lieber!”; 36. Abbr. on an envelope; 41. Idiosyncrasies; 43. Batman and Robin, e.g.; 47. Setting for TV’s “Newhart”; 48. Sharif of “Doctor Zhivago”; 56. Make; 58. Vermeer’s “Woman With a ___”; 66. Those, in Toledo; 67. “___ Cop”; 70. Carriers of Lyme ticks. Down: 1. Alert, for short; 2. Thing with cups and hooks; 3. Harry Potter’s best friend; 4. Actress Thurman; 6. Peter I, II or III; 8. Feel ill; 9. Uganda’s ___ Amin; 16. Biology lab supply; 18. Buildup at a river’s mouth; 22. IV amounts; 23. Yale student; 24. Tone ___ (early rapper); 29. Diamond Head locale; 31. Archipelago unit: Abbr.; 38. Dutch dairy product; 39. Aid in locating a pirate’s treasure; 45. Passbook abbr.; 46. Masthead contents, briefly; 48. ___ y Plata (Montana’s motto); 50. Thick carpet; 52. 66 and others: Abbr.; 57. Confederate soldiers, for short; 60. ___ v. Wade; 61. Actor Vigoda; 62. Lament; 63. http://.yahoo.com, e.g.; 64. Skit-filled NBC show, for short; 65. “For ___ a jolly …

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