08.29.09 -- It Can Be Brutal!

August 29, 2009
Puzzle by Doug Peterson, edited by Will Shortz
Four 15-letter across entries are the main feature of this superior Saturday stumper --
CELL PHONE TOWERS (17. Some coverage providers), INTIMATE APPAREL (15. Revealing pieces), SECURITY COUNCIL (49. Russia, China and France are in it) and SKATEBOARD TRICK (46. Something shown off on a half-pipe).
Eight eight-letter down entries follow:
ATOMIZED (7. Like turbojet fuel); ELSINORE (14. “To be, or not to be” soliloquy setting); I GUESS SO (29. “Um … all right”); MAP MAKER (30. Creator of the stuff of legends?); PLUTARCH (32. “On the Malice of Herodotus” author); POPULACE (31. Hoi polloi); SERRATED (13. Like many leaves); URETHANE (12. Bowling ball material).
Seven-letter entries are led by
MUSSINA (1A. 2001-08 Yankees pitcher with seven Gold Gloves). Hey!, I was at Mussina‘s final game at Yankee Stadium last year, his 19th win of that season; the following week, he reached his only 20-win season with the Yankees' 6-2 win over the Red Sox, then called it, his 18th season, the final one -- and vanished. Other entries of seven letters, IMPUTED (29A. Credited); J’ACCUSE (8A. Headline during the Dreyfus Affair); HONESTY (51A. It can be brutal); OREGANO (50A. Greek salad ingredient); PRECEDE (32A. Appear before).
Six --
CATHAY (34D. Old Silk Road destination); DESOTO (36D. Studebaker alternative); ELICIT (38D. Summon up); ENAMEL (16D. Coat in one’s mouth); GAOLER (33A. Worker in a big house near Big Ben); JAEGER (8D. Bullying seabird); MICMAC (1D. Algonquian language); PANICS (37D. Loses it); PLANER (28A. Carpentry machine); ST LUKE (3D. He wrote of the prodigal son); UNEASE (2D. Butterflies, say); WEAKLY (39D. Without conviction).
Five -- APTED (9D. “Nell” directed Michael); BORNE (42D. Shouldered); CLOCK (34A. What an antsy person might watch); CRACK (23D. Figure out); DAUNT (36A. Cow); DETER (25D. Check); DOZER (25A. Inattentive type); ELECT (26D. Awaiting induction); JEWEL (27A. Particularly prized possession) and
JULES (27D. Pulitzer-winning cartoonist Feiffer); MAGES (19A. Conjurers); MAULS (18A. Heavy hitters); MIMED (22A. Acted out); ); MOWER (22D. It may be pushed or ridden); PRONE (28D. Back up?); 41D. SABIN vaccine; SASHA (44A. “Peter and the Wolf” bird) and SONIA (45A. “Peter and the Wolf” duck); SETTE (41A. Otto follows it); SILLS (4D. Sash supporters); UPPER (35A. Boot part).
TUG (47D. Harbor pusher).
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Remaining clues -- Across: 20. City or state lead-in; 21. Puts it to; 23. “Keeper of the Keys” was the last novel he was featured in; 37. Hymnbook holder; 40. Some farm stock; 42. Straw unit; 43. Seasoning cristales. Down: 5. Hell-raisers; 6. “Ixnay”; 10. Coast Guard noncoms; 11. Field call; 44. Clinic supplies; 45. Overwhelm; 48. Ending with Sea or Ski.

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