08.03.09 -- Maze-Ola

Monday, August 3, 2009
Puzzle by Janet R. Bender, edited by Will Shortz
MAYS), PALE YELLOW COLOR (36A. MAIZE) and LAB RAT’S MILIEU (57A. MAZE) are the interrelated entries of this pleasant Monday crossword.
There’s a fairly even distribution of word size in the rest of the puzzle with four of eight letters, LALA LAND (38D. Dreamy place),
OPOSSUMS (39D. Arboreal animals with pouches), OVERKILL (6D. Excess) and PEDESTAL (11D. Statue’s support), followed by two of seven letters, GENETIC (31A. Like hereditary factors) and PULL-TAB (44A. Soda can feature), along with the combo entry of ERNIE ELS (64D. With 34-Down, golf’s U.S. Open champion of 1994 and 1997).
Six-letter -- 50D. “ADESTE Fideles”; ALEUTS (3D. Native Alaskans); BEATLE (47D. Any of the Fab Four); CHASMS (1D. Gorges);
ENDING (8D. Part of a whodunit that reveals who done it); HAMLET (2D. Small village); POINTE (49D. Ballerina’s position); RAGLAN (9D Overcoat sleeve); TABLET (45D. One of two for the Ten Commandments); TEUTON (51D. German).
Five-letter -- AMEBA (16A. Microscopic creature); AREAS (53A. Zones); ATRIA (54D. Courtyards); CADET (67A. West Pointer, e.g.); CORGI (41D. Welsh dog); ELIOT (56D. Writer T.S.); GEODE (55A. Rock with a crystal inside); GLUEY (21D. Viscous); 19A. Beckett’s “Waiting for GODOT”;
KENYA (24A. Home of Barack Obama’s father), incidentally, tomorrow is the President‘s birthday; 7D. Frederick LOEWE, “My Fair Lady” composer); METAL (23A. Zinc or zirconium); PEELE (33A. English dramatist George); RAPID (9A. Swift); SNARL (60A. Tangle); SPOON (43A. What the dish ran away with, in “Hey Diddle Diddle”); TONGA (4D. South Pacific kingdom).
LANA (35A. Actress Turner), LIMA, LYE, MEAT, NRA, OTTO, PUPA, SAFE, SCAR, SEC, SOLE, STS, TEEN, TRUE, URAL, UZI, WOE, ZEE, and the quote for the day, 48A. “O'ER the ramparts we watched ...”
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Remaining clues -- Across: 1. What some people do in an online “room”; 5. Shoe bottom; 14. Circle of light around the sun or moon; 15. Bard of ___ (Shakespeare); 17. “So be it”; 18. Nourish; 25. Radical 1960s org.; 28. 1st to 220th, in Manhattan: Abbr.; 29. Israeli-made gun; 42. ___ Mountains (Asia/Europe separator); 49. Butter serving; 52. One step ___ time; 62. “Honest to God!”; 63. Place of research: Abbr.; 65. Peru’s capital; 66. “Beetle Bailey” dog; 68. Toward the rising sun; 69. First-year college student, usually. Down: 5. Official’s call with outspread arms; 10. Mine: Fr.; 12. Nigerian native; 13. “Gimme ___!” (rude order); 22. Soapmaker’s supply; 26 Flintstones’ pet; 27. Surgery souvenir; 30. Zuider ___ (former inlet in the Netherlands); 32. North Carolina university; 33. ___-mell; 36. Larva successor; 37. In ___ (stuck in the same old same old); 40. Anguish; 46. Departure’s opposite: Abbr.; 58. Singer India ___; 59. Vegetarian’s no-no; 60. Dry, as wine; 61. Gun lobbyists’ org.

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