08.14.09 -- Magna Carta, Etc.

August 14, 2009
Puzzle by Barry C. Silk, edited by Will Shortz
Nine entries of ten letters each are the main feature of this nifty Friday crossword -- ADAMS APPLE (26D. It goes up and down at dinner), AUNTIE MAME (12D. Play for which Peggy Cass won a Tony in 1957),
CRAIGS LIST (1A. Alternative to newspaper classifieds), EAT ONES HAT (55A. Have some humble pie), FRUIT SALAD (27D. Picnic staple), GREEN RIVER (13D. Largest tributary of the Colorado), MAGNA CARTA (15A. Constitution precursor), ORANGE PEEL (17A. Curaçao ingredient), PRIZE FIGHT (51A. A bout to remember?), SHARON TATE (57A. “The Wrecking Crew” actress, 1969), STAR GAZERS (14D. Night watchmen?) and TASTES GOOD (28D. “Mmm!”).
Eight-letter entries include
INNOCENT (4D. Papal name last used in 1724), RADIO ERA (29A. Time before TV), STEWARDS (39A. Restaurant staffers), TALMUDIC (10D. Like yeshiva studies), VCR TAPES (34D. Maxell prodBolducts), WISH LIST (35D. It has things you want).
Mid-size entries -- AFTERS (26A. Dessert, in Dover), ASSORTS (42A. Groups), CUTTING (25A. Editor’s job, often), MATTER (21A. Stuff), MORENO (41D. Puerto Rican-born Oscar winner of 1961), MUSERS (41A. They’re reflective), PAGODA (44A. Storied shrine), SCENTS (6D. Dogs often pick them up),
SCOTTO (11D. Her 1965 Met debut was as Cio-Cio-San in “Madama Butterfly”), WOODSY (40D. Like the smell of fresh pine).
Five-letter --
CARIB (25D. Native Trinidadian), DRANK (30A. Had a spirited session?), LAP AT (7D. Splash gently against), MELDS (31D. Unites), MERIT (31A. Rate), PC LAB (37A. School area with mice), RAZOR (43D. Trimming aid), 29D. “… thy cheeks look RED AS Titan’s face”: Shak.; TIMER (38A. A light may be set on one), VEDIC (34A. Like the scriptures on which Hare Krishna is based).
The remains -- AGAR (3D. Food stabilizer), AGHA (47D. Muslim honorific), ARK (24D. Major ancient construction project), AT IT (22D. In a row), AUST (33A. E.U. mem. Since 1995),
CATT (23A. 19th Amendment champion), CHAT (48D. Many people do it online), CMON (1D. “Don’t be shy!”), CURT (18A. Short), EDDY (56A. Possible result of pulling the plug), ETTE (49D. Couch extension?), FEN (53D. Setting for sedges), GAG (5D. Shut up), IRES (8D. Burns up), LACE (46A. Bodice fastener), LAOS (54A. Golden Triangle land), MIT (36A. Sch. In the New England Football Conference), 32A. “Les MIZ”; NERO (19A. Member of the Julio-Claudian dynasty), ONE A (18A. Top status), PAR (45A. Something to shoot for), PARD (37D. Ponderosa pal), PITA (45D. Bun alternative), PLOD (50A. Lumber), RAH (52D. Motivation exclamation), RARE (2D. Like some gases), ROTH (43A. “The Human Stain” novelist), SAGS (11A. Loses intensity), STE (9D. Ursule, e.g.: Abbr.), TUT (38D. Subject of a 1976-79 Met exhibit), WAVE (35A. Thing caught near the shore).
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