08.17.09 -- JOKERS

August 17, 2009
Puzzle by Mike Buckley, edited by Will Shortz
BATMAN (26A. With 51-Across, roles for 17-, 38- and 62-Across), JOKERS (51A. See 26-Across), CESAR ROMERO (17A. 1966), JACK NICHOLSON (38A. 1989) and HEATH LEDGER (62A. 2008) are the interrelated entries of this Monday crossword.
OUT OF GAS (40D. On empty) at a REST AREA (3D. Place to pull over), along with
TEA ROSE (53A. Chinese blossom) and CHALICE (23A. Drinking cup) are the other entries of length, followed by those of six letters: AKIN TO (47D. Like); ALTIMA (11D. Nissan sedan); CARAFE (1A. Container for serving wine); CLEVER (14A. Witty); ENDASH (68A. Mark slightly longer than a hyphen); FJORDS (45D. Norwegian coastal features); HEYDAY (12D. Period of one’s prime); ISSUED (43A. Came out with); LOTION (46D. Skin soother); ODESSA (33A. City on the Black Sea); SAYS SO (71A. Declares emphatically); SCARES (34D. Close calls, perhaps); SIRENS (13D. Fire truck sounds); STRESS (22D. Emphasize).
Five-letter -- AISLE (42A. Theater walkway);
ARCED (30D. Like parabolas); AVAIL (4D. Be of help to); AXELS (27D. Leaps in ice-skating); CAROB (9D. Chocolate substitute); CLANS (25D. Family groups); FERMI (5D. Physicist Enrico); FLARE (45A. Solar phenomenon); NOISE (37D. Static, e.g.); REDDY (55D. Helen who sang “I Am Woman”); RENEE (36A. Actress Zellweger); SKIER (35D. One taking to the slopes); X-RAYS (32A. Pictures at a hospital).
Cross-references and double-clues: HOT (62. With 59-Down, something flying off the shelves) ITEM (59D. See 62-Down); ARENA (54D. Where the action is); SCENE (52D. Where the action is); ESS (64D. Double curve); OGEE (18D. Double curve),
HEH (31. When doubled, a villain’s chuckle), ILO, LEAH, LEI and LES, MEAL, NEWS, ODES, ONZE, OTIS, REF, RHO, RIN, SIDE, SLO and SNO, TEEM, TIM, TWO, TYR (19A. Norse war god).
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Remaining clues -- Across: 7. Kindergarten learning; 11. Sounds during backrubs; 15. Lunch or dinner; 16. Gift at Honolulu airport; 20. Treasury secretary Geithner; 21. ___ guy (one who gets things done); 22. Flank; 28. Big part of an elephant; 29. Jacob’s first wife; 48. Laudatory poems; 50. A pair; 60. Official with a whistle; 61. ___ Tin Tin; 68. “i” topper; 67. French eleven; 69. ___-cone; 70. Be overrun (with). Down: 1. Roman 300; 2. Ginger ___; 6. Flub; 7. Bullets and BBs; 8. Borscht vegetable; 10. ___-mo; 23. Pooh-bah hired by a board of directors; 24. Muslim’s pilgrimage; 39. Nobel Prize-winning U.N. workers’ grp.; 41. 6:30 p.m. broadcast; 44. Female deer; 49. Draw like Albrecht Durer; 58D. Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple ___”; : 63. ___ Etats-Unis; 65. Letter between pi and sigma.

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