08.02.09 -- ΤΔΦ, ΒΘΠ, ΑΧΡ, ΩΨΦ

August 2, 2009
GROUP FORMATION, Puzzle by Patrick Berry, edited by Will Shortz
FRATERNITIES (108A. Four groups found in this puzzle), GREEK LETTERS (23A. Contents of four answers found in this puzzle), ΤΔΦ (34A. Group formed at C.C. N.Y. in 1910), ΒΘΠ (39D. Group formed at Miami University in 1839), ΑΧΡ (79D. Group formed at Trinity College in 1895) and ΩΨΦ (93A. Group formed at Howard University in 1911) are the interrelated entries of this Sunday crossword. Well, well now, there’s a treasure trove of fraternities in the hundreds just awaiting their turn -- HERE.
The entry of
ΤΔΦ, e.g., Tau, Delta, Phi, matches up with GREA[TAU]NT (14D. Social reformer Margaret Fuller, to Buckminster Fuller), [DELTA]CO (35D. Mexican-style fast-food chain) and SO[PHI]E (26D. Meryl Street title role).
ΒΘΠ, Beta Theta Pi, with TI[BETA]NS (37A. Roof of the World natives), ON[THETA]KE (47A. Accepting bribes) and AMERICAN [PI]E (50A. 1971 album dedicated to Buddy Holly).
ΑΧΡ, Alpha Chi Rho, R[ALPHA]BERNATHY (78A. Co-organizer of the Montgomery bus boycott, 1955), DU[CHI]ES (87A. Bavaria and others, once) and AI[RHO]SE (91A. Engine attachment).
ΩΨΦ, Omega, Psi, Phi, H[OMEGA]ME (90D. Match played at the local arena), PE[PSI] (85D. Product with a circular red, white and blue logo) and AM[PHI]BIAN (86D. Semiterrestrial organism).
Other entries of length include AMNESIAC (106A. Jason Bourne, in the Bourne series); APPLETON (80D. Wisconsin home of Lawrence University); ASKS AROUND (12D. Gets several views); BAILIWICKS (69D. Areas of expertise); IN THE MAIN (89A. By and large);
PRINCEDOM (40A. Monaco is one); REGISTRY (58A. Bridal wish list); RIPPLIEST (29D. Most corrugated); THE RIVER (4D. 1980 double album by Springsteen); TRADE-INS (70A. Cars that go toward other cars); TREE LINE (81D. Timberland limit); USE FORCE (3D. Pursue violent options); YOUR HONOR (61D. Term for a judge).
Mid-size -- AMINES (68A. Nitrogen compounds); BEIRUT (101A. Mideast hub); COME-ONS (57D. Inducements); COSTCO (63A. Sam’s Club rival); DALTRY (87D. The Who’s lead singer); DIVINES (46D. Figures out intuitively); DRAINS (55A. Empties); DRISTAN (42D. Antihistamine brand);
ELOISE (31A. Fictional Plaza Hotel resident); EMINENT (59D. Highly respected); EMPANEL (103A. Fill a box, say); FEDORA (114A. Retro headgear); FREEBEE (27A. Good for nothing?: Var.); HAIKUS (20A. Three-line poems); JULEPS (96A. Kentucky Derby drinks); MALAWI (64D. Nyasaland, nowadays); METROS (44D. Urban railways); MO’ MONEY (64A. 1992 Damon Wayans comedy); OUT-ACTS (43D. Steals the show from, say); PERSIA (28A. Alexander the Great conquered it); PURPOSE (10D. Determination); ROMULAN (58D. Pointy-eared “Star Trek” character); STRIPE (6A. High ball, in pool); SYDNEY (118A. 2000 Olympics locale); TALESE (67D New Journalism pioneer Gay); TOASTY (37D. Comfortably warm); TOMCATS (67A. Womanizers, slangily); WARDED (73A. Fended [off]).
Five-letter -- CASES (51D. Legal precedents); CESAR (57A. Labor leader Chavez);
CODER (63D. Enigma machine, e.g.); DRUID (74D. Celtic priest of old); ESSEN (11D. Ruhr industrial city); GONGS (60D. Round percussion instruments); HIKES (5D. Raises); INKED (33D. Like final contracts); INNER (38D. Personal, as thoughts); IONIA (33A. Alexander the Great conquered it); LUNGS (72A. Subjects of anemography); MACED (45A. Given an eyeful, you might say); MOUTH (1A. It’s open for dinner); OINKS (65A. “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” sounds); PAOLO (85A. Renaissance painter Uccello); PESCI (53D. Oscar winner for “GoodFellas”); 48A. Brazil’s PORTO Alegre; RINSE (56D. Remove the suds); ROBES (71D. Choir attire); RUFFS (95D. Elizabethan collars); SNEAD (119A. Golfer who said “Never concede a putt”); SPREE (88A. Bout of revelry); SUSHI (19A. Dish that may be served on a boat); TONTO (115A. Jay Silverheels role); UNITS (97D. Apartments, e.g.); WORLD (94A. Sci-fi author’s creation).
Short stuff -- ADD, ALES, ALGA, AMY, ANDY, ATE, AVON, BLUE, BUNS, CAD, EASE, EMMA, ETA, ETON, FACT, FOAM, HEEP, HIHO, ICED, IKE, INDO, IRES, JAN, LIAM, LONI, MASK, MERE, MICE, MIRV, MSG, OLEO, OMAR, ONES, OUR, PEEN, PITT, PRAY, RITE, SHEB, SMU, SOD, SORT, TATE, TRY, UNES, VASE, WAN, WHOA, YAKS, YENS, and the quote of the day -- 49A. “And all too soon, I hear, the king shall RUE”: “Richard II”
That's that, Α to Ω !
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Remaining clues -- Across12. Pond organism; 16. Sedaris of “Strangers With Candy”; 21. Put into piles; 22. Traversing; 30. Rarely counterfeited bills; 36. Weapon with many warheads; 52. Picasso’s ___ Period; 53. Surname of two British P.M.’s; 54. Waterford purchase; 62. Like some twisted ankles; 69. Weenie roast needs; 75. Something that’s been clarified; 76. Tavern orders; 77. Old cracker brand; 84. Ill-looking; 92. Claw alternative; 98. Fire extinguisher’s output; 112. Bounder; 113. Umpire’s wear; 116. Have a bite of; 117. Queiques- ___ (some: Fr.). Down: 1. “No ___”; 2. First word in many church names; 6. C&W singer Wooley; 7. British art museum; 8. Book of Hours entry; 9. ___ & Tina Turner Revue; 13. Actress Anderson; 15. “I already ___”; 16. Skin So Soft seller; 17. Lab test subjects; 18. Asian bovines; 24. Sheltered side; 31. Novel on which “Clueless” is based; 32. Writer O’Flaherty; 41. Furies; 52. No longer on vacation; 73. Liveryman’s command; 82. Villainous Uriah; 83. Desires; 96. Dean’s 1960s singing partner; 98. Undisputed point; 99. W.W. II general Bradley; 100. Red’s pal in “The Shawshank Redemption”; 102. Slip (into); 104. French family member; 105. Speak up?; 107. The Mustangs of the N.C.A.A.; 109. Get a total; 110. J.F.K. board info; 111. Ground cover.


ski_okanagan said...

Thanks, Donald! I really appreciate your site. I check it every day. Keep it coming!

alanrichard said...

I started doing this online. I figured out how to do multiple letters but I never was able to get the Greek letters.
Anyway, I always enjoy your site and your cartoons. As usual informative and entertaining.

DONALD said...


There are no online Greek letters that I know of -- those in the post were imported through Paint, rather than drawing them -- it seemed easier than squeezing such entries as Theta and Omega into such a little space!

See ya!

NYTAnonimo said...

So is it just a coincidence that the portrait of Elosie at the Plaza disappeared after a fraternity party or did Patrick Berry or Will Shortz google FRATERNITY+ELOISE? Think we'll get a sorority puzzle with a PRINCESSDOM? I kinda like some of these fraternity definitions.

Enjoyed your posting and links Donald.