09.06.09 -- ENTANGLEMENT -- Cryptic Crossword

Entanglement II, Dawn Neal Meson
Sunday, September 6, 2009
Cryptic Crossword by Bob Stigger, edited by Will Shortz
Across: 1. They might sing gospel soon - it is fantastic (5, 7), STOOLPIGEONS; 9. Brightest leader in backwater beyond Rainier? (9), BRAINIEST; 10. Semi-freeze on ozone-depleting gas (5), FREON; 11. I’d say we trashed the area adjacent to a road (7), WAYSIDE; 12. Rock band Nirvana’s outside chasing fat guy on the roof? (7), SANTANA; 13. Perception of hotel grounds, according to reports (7), INSIGHT; 15. Boxer grabs front of the leg, pressing (7), PUSHING; 16. Rejoiced in ode girl translated (7), GLORIED; 18. Snappy comeback from spite or hurt (7), RIPOSTE; 20. Most flexible article carried in catalog (7), LITHEST; 22. Captive’s ID hidden in socks (7), HOSTAGE; 24. Dorothy’s aunt announced view: “Johnny Carson was a great one” (5), EMCEE; 25. Investigate refusal before naval battle (4, 5), NOSEABOUT; 26. “Carrie’s Ghost” worked like a Horatio Alger tale (4-2-6), RAGSTORICHES.
Down: 1. True blue comic book detective (5), TRACY; 3. Zoo in Kingston suppresses animal sounds (7), OINKING; 4. Publicity happening, editor is blocked (9), PREVENTED; 5. Bill from Microsoft firm - one grand - is retracted (5), GATES; 6. Insults not working with linemen (7), OFFEND; 7. Plans of Sonics are changed (9), SCENARIO; 8. Point of view fellows initially took following ear nose and throat complication (12), ENTANGLEMENT; 9. Dish in ship’s kitchen where turkeys and spares might be found (7,5), BOWLINGALLEY; 14. Auto shipping facility’s gripped by near-panic? (6, 3), SPORTSCAR; 15. Kitty’s utterance about quest for a buyer (9), PURCHASER; 17. Passage from Candice Bergen’s “Nemesis of the Titanic” (7), ICEBERG; 19. Spy agency’s dupe turned up in a New Jersey town (7), PASSAIC; 21. Belief company’s abandoning tenement (5), TENET; 23. A forecast for housing (5), ABODE.
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