09.22.09 -- "Tough!"

1846 lithograph by Nathaniel Currier
was entitled "The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor"; the phrase "Boston Tea Party" had not yet become standard. Contrary to Currier's depiction, few of the men dumping the tea were actually disguised as American Indians.
September 22, 2009
Puzzle by Gail Grabowski, edited by Will Shortz
“Tough!” is the clue for three long entries -- JUST DEAL WITH IT; TOO BAD, SO SAD; and THEM’S THE BREAKS. Other negativity in the crossword includes UH OH (15A. “We’re in trouble!”); 17A. NE’ER-do-well; SKIP (32A. Problem with an old 45); ICIER (34A. More standoffish); HEAP (41A. Disorderly stack); PEEVE (56A. Source of annoyance); LEER (61A. Womanizer’s look); CON JOB (1D. Swindler’s work); SHOW ME (8D. “You’ll have to demonstrate”); TASERS (48D. Cops’ stunners); 52D. “Did you EVER?”; BEEP (55D. Sound heard during gridlock); I SWEAR (3D. “No fooling!);
YELP (63A. Pound cry).
Mid-size entries include ACUMEN (28A. Keenness of mind); ALEUTS (2D. Native Alaskans); ANKLET (45D. Short sock); ANTI-SKID (11D. Like many automobile braking); DRAW ON (21D. Make use of, as experience); INTAKE (42A. Quantity consumed); LECTURN (39D. Speaker’s stand); NET PAY (43D. Take-home amount); SCOTTIE (12D. Terrier type, informally); SEABEE (44D. Navy builder); SIESTA (3D. Sonora snooze);
TEA CHEST (35D. Bit of 1773 Boston Harbor jetsam).
Five-letter -- ACT ON (19A. Follow, as advise); ARENA (49A. Gladiator’s milieu); CLEAN (38A. Completely off drugs); EMERY (48D. Manicurist’s tool); ENTRY (62A. Diction word in bold type); FEAST (9A. Fit-for-a-king spread); FLATS (9D. Alternative to heels); MIDST (31D. Central spot); ORSER (59A. 1987 world figure skating champion Brian); OTTER (23 Riverbank cavorter); REALM (50D King’s domain); SPAWN (40A. Reproduce like salmon); SWAMI (33A. Hindu master);
TORTE (4D. Dessert from Linz).
Short stuff -- ABLE, ACC, ALOE, BSA, CAB, CAST, CHA, EACH, ECOL, ERE, HALE, IRS, METS, MOS, OAK, OLIO, POE (56D. Who wrote “All that we see or seem / is but a dream within a dream”); RELO, SAT, SCAN, SHEA, SPA and SPR, SSTS and STS, SURE, TEN, TOLL,
UMA (30D. Thurman of “Kill Bill“).
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Remaining clues -- Across: 1. Playbill listing; 5. Bygone J.F.K. landers; 14. Hodgepodge; 18. Job-related move, for short; 24. Calendar pgs.; 25. Wall and Bourbon, e.g.: Abbr.; 27. Grp. That awards merit badges; 44. Took a load off; 47. Duke’s sports org.; 48. Before, to Byron; 57. Wear out the carpet, maybe; 58. Up to the job; 60. Botanical balm; METS (64A. Citi Field team). Down: 5. “You bet!”; 6. Former home of the 64-Across; 7. Payment at many a New York bridge; 10. Pricing word; 13. Half a score; 22. Accelerator bit; 26. It begins in Mar.; 29. Hired ride; 30. Thurman of “Kill Bill”; 32. Read the U.P.C. of; 33. Laundromat buy; 36. Hot springs site; 37. Cask material; 38. When doubled, a dance; 42. Org. that proceeds according to schedule?; 53. In the pink; 54. Green sci.

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