09.11.09 -- Friday Miscellany

Upon the brimming water among the stones / Are nine-and-fifty swans. -- The Wild Swans at Coole, William Butler Yeats
September 11, 2009
Puzzle by Caleb Madison, edited by Will Shortz
SCHINDLER’S LIST (41A. Highest-grossing black-and-white film of all time), TRAINED ASSASSIN (32A. One who has practiced his hitting skills) and CAR COMMERCIALS (27A. They may convince people to get rides) or maybe not, are the long entries of this Friday crossword.
People in the puzzle --
BALZAC (9D. “La Cousine Bette” novelist); BERT LAHR (2D. Noted coward player); BOYZ II MEN (21A. “I’ll Make Love to You” Grammy winners); FESS (10A. Parker of “Old Yeller”); JUNO (7D. Pantheonic queen); MARIO PUZO (49A. Two-time Oscar winner for Best Adapted Screenplay); NEPALI (45D. Rupee spender); OBEYER (8D. One who’s not refractory).
Other mid-size entries include EASTERS (26A. Churchgoing times for many no churchgoers); EUPHORIA (3D. High); IN SEASON (38D. Ripe); ITALIANO (40A. Lingua d’Europa); SAID NO TO (37D. Denied); SPEEDER (47A. One hoping not to be cited);
WHITEOUT (31A. Blizzard hazard).
Six-letter -- CEREAL (42D. Quaker offering); DRUM UP (46D. Successfully solicit); ENAMEL (11D. It‘s found on the cusp); FAJITA (10D. Beef or chicken dish); HEISTS (43D. Holdups); SEVERS (12D. Disaffiliates);
SPARTA (41D. Domain of King Tyndareus).
Five -- AMENS (55A. They’re often directed at shepherds);
ARUBA (15A. Part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands); ETAIL (30D. Business involving clicking); IPODS (62A. They might be in docks); LURES (59A. They’ll get you biting responses); MCJOB (5A. Position with no prospects); PANEL (18A. Game show feature); SMASH (47D. Bomb’s opposite); SWANS (13D. Group of “nine-and-fifty” in a Yeats poem).
Short stuff -- ACTI, ALSO, ANEW, ARES and
ARPS (17A. The lithograph “Mustache Hat” and others), ATON, BENZ (53D. Maker of the 1923 “Teardrop” racecar); CRAB, CWT, FONZ, HALS (61A. “Lucas de Clercq“ portraitist, ca. 1635), IBET and IDO, IRAN, ISI, JAVA (19A. Joe) and MUD (29D. Joe); LOAM, MAP, MOE and MOEN, NAB, NOT, NTH, OLDE, ONED, RAF, REUP, ROSE (57A. Either of two opposing war emblems), SAR, SILL, STAT, STE, SSS, TPS, ZERO (Absolutely nobody).
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Remaining clues -- Across: 1. “Uh-huh”; 14. Extend one’s service; 16. Way to start; 20. Degree of magnitude?; 23. Brickmaking mixture; 48. Word on many medieval signs); 52. Nail; 54. Hawk with a crested helmet; 58. Trading card figure; 60. Immensely; 63. Old sitcom mechanic, with “the”. Down: 1. Home of Sharif University of Technology; 4. Plays a sophomoric prank on, informally, 5. It might tell you where you stand; 6. Sourpuss; 22. “Woe ___” (Patricia T. O’Conner best seller); 24. Show opening; 27. 43.359 kg.; 28. Guy seen in funny shorts; 33. Part of many Canadian place names: Abbr.; 34. Mediterranean isl.; 35. “See” follower in a footnote; 36. It’s often under glass; 39. Jimmy Dorsey’s “___ Mine”; 44. Bit of swearing in front of a church leader; 51. Linear; 56. Indication of tire trouble; 57. “Per ardua ad astra” org.

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