09.24.09 -- EASY

September 24, 2009
Puzzle by Brendan Emmett Quigley, edited by Will Shortz
EASY (63A. Like this puzzle … not!) seems an odd way to end a crossword, especially if one finds the solve to be easy. Nevertheless, the clues and entries for the interrelated group are a bit inane and inanity is often difficult to understand. THE BEATLESS (17A. Band without a drummer?), SO LONG ASS (24A. “See ya, idiot!”?), TRAINING BRASS (35A. Mission of an Army officers’ school?); WHO CARESS (47A. Nice touch from Roger Daltry and Pete Townshend?); SHUTTLE BUSS (54A. Playful kiss on the Discovery?) -- all that's involved is adding the letter S to the ends of The Beatles, so long as, training bras, shuttle bus, and who cares?
There are eight eight-letter entries -- ATREMBLE (37D. Quaking); BABA WAWA (4D. Classic “S.N.L.” character who spoke with rounded R’s);
JET PACKS (11D. Aids for spacewalkers) or go HERE; MEATIEST (39A. Having the most substance); ONRUSHES (12D. Torrents); REMOVALS (36D. Parts of some appliance delivery jobs); TO THE END (35D. Ever faithfully); WHAT A GUY (30A. “Gotta love him!”).
Seven-letter --
DAWDLED (38D. Lallygagged); LOGGIAS (26D. Open galleries); ORANTES (1975 U. S. Open winner Manuel); SATIATE (24D. Gorge); SOUPS ON (13D. “Let’s eat!”).
Six -- ADHERE (2D. Hold fast); DEVISE (51A. Concoct);
KITSCH (1D. Garden gnomes and such); LEERER (3D. Ogler); 5A. NESSIE (59A. Cryptozoology figure); SALSAS (45D. Latin dances); SERAPH (20A. Divine creature with six wings); SMOKED (62A. Beat decisively, in slang); SOAP UP (21A. Get in a lather); SOMALI (52A. Kenyan’s neighbor); TAILOR (15A. Pin-up figure?); TWISTY (46D. Mazelike); ULTIMA Thule, distance unknown land); USA USA (44D. Patriotic chant).
Five -- ARSON (10D. Subject of an insurance investigation); ASSNS (48D. Grps.); CREWS (23A. Rappers’ posses); MOSSO (9D. Rapid, to Rossini); REHEM (49D. Take up again, e.g.) and RESAW (50A. Cut again).
Short stuff -- AGE, ATMS, DDS, DOE, ECHO, ENL and ENO, EPS, JOS, HERA, IDEA, ILE, KALB, KANE (28D. Publisher of the fictional New York Inquirer), KARO, KEN, HIM, IDEA, LAT, LEA, LSAT, ROE, RUST, SCI, SLED (52D. Beloved object of 28-Down), TEAR, TIE and TIL, TRU, TSK, UBER, UTAH, UBER, USO, YRS.
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Remaining clues -- Across: 1. Former “Meet the Press” moderator Marvin; 11. “___ Boys” (1886 novel); 14. Noodle product?; 16. Musician who started the Obscure Records label; 27. Goddess with a cow as an emblem; 28. Corn syrup brand; 29. Say again; 34. N.F.L. coach Whisenhunt; 38. It might go for a buck; 40. Bill producers; 42. Race; 43. Lie idle too long; 58. Full-screen picture, maybe: Abbr.; 60. Exam with a reading comprehension section, for short; 61. Orthodontist’s deg. Down: 5. Home of Arches National Park; 6. Back muscle, briefly; 7. It comes between dusk and dawn; 8. Quebec’s ___ Rouleau crater; 18. PC graphics format; 22. Life time?; 31. 1927 E.E. Cummings play; 32. Extremely, in combinations; 33. ’09, ’10, etc.; 41. “MythBusters” subj.; 50. Salmon )___; 55. “Until Every One Comes Home” grp.; 56. “Not nice!; 57. One to one, for one.


alanrichard said...

My Standard Poodle, Willie, who is very smart, and always helps me with the crossword and sudokus made a suggestion. He said that Rin Tin Tin's religious service could be included in a subsequent puzzle of a similar theme: DOGMASS!
And we were trying to figure out the previous comment but he said it's "Chinese To Him"

NYTAnonimo said...

WHAT A GUY-you're just too modest Donald!