09.21.09 -- Magazine Readers

September 21, 2009
Puzzle by Mark Feldman, edited by Will Shortz
MAGAZINE READERS (39A.What 17-, 20-, 56- and 60-Across are?),
TIME KEEPER (17A. Official with a stopwatch), SELF PROMOTER (20A. Bragging sort), PEOPLE PERSON (56A. One good at forming connections with others) and MONEY LOVER (60A. Miser, e.g.) are the interrelated group of this Monday crossword.
Mid-size entries include
AL CAPONE (40D. Gangster a k a Scarface), A TEMPO (31A. Resuming the previous speed, in music), CARESS (43A. Stroke gently), DROOPS (27A. Sags), ELASTICS (18D. Stretchables), ESTATE (47A. Subject of a will), GOES EASY (29D. Takes it slow), LIES TO (4D. Doesn’t level with), TIN ORE (48D. Cassiterite) and UNFORMED (10D. Not yet in a recognizable shape).
Five-letter entries dominate the puzzle --
ADAMS (22D. John or John Quincy); APORT (52D. Toward the left side of a ship); AT ALL (1A. Even a tiny bit); AVERT (8D. Prevent, as disaster); CLEFT (6D. Split); DREAM (66A. Bedtime story?); EATEN (12D. All gone, as dinner); ESSEX (38D. County on the Thames); IRATE (37D. Angry, and then some); IRONS (26A. Alternatives to woods); 7D. Florentine painter Fra Filippo LIPPI; 14A. Tia MARIA (coffee liqueur); NORGE (24D. Oslo’s country, to natives); REHAB (36D. Program for kicking a habit); ROGET (51D. Thesaurus compiler); SEERS (69A. Crystal ball users); SEE TO (11D. Take care of); SENSE (53D. Taste or touch); SPEWS (49D. Gushes); STARS (13D. Constellation elements); STRAW (49A. Stable bedding); 50D. TERRA firma; TREAT (54D. Halloween goody); URIAH (23D. Dickens’s Heep).
Short stuff -- AIR, AMT, ARM, ASS,
ASTA (52A. “The Thin Man“ pooch“), AUNT, CLAN, COS, EAR, EMUS (57D. Down Under birds), ENA, ERGO, ERIE, FETA, GAM, HAS, IBEX, LAKE, LIVE, MER, NEAT, NERO, OLDS, OWL (46D. “Whoo … whoo …” caller), PAZ, PRE, RMS, SATE, SHEL, STET, TAI, URSA, USES, VEE, WREN.
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Remaining clues -- Across: 6. Family group; 10. Employs; 15. Opposite of taped; 16. Having everything arranged just so; 22. Uncle’s partner; 25. Going ___ (bickering); 29. Pinup’s leg; 30. Broadcast; 35. See 5-Down; 42. Writer/illustrator Silverstein; 44. Owns; 45. Firms: Abbr.; 55. Wild goat; 59. “And so …”; 64. Sir Christopher the architect; 65. ___ Minor (constellation); 67. Fill; 68. “Leave in,” to a proofer. Down: 1. Quantity: Abbr.; 2. ___ chi chuan; 3. Where the humerus and ulna are; 5. With 35-Across, view from Cleveland; 21. Actress Farrow; 28. La ___, Bolivia; 32. Disney deer; 33. Mal de ___; 34. Lead-in to nuptial; 41. Nincompoop; 58. Former G.M. make; 61. Sign flashed by Churchill; 62. Something that may be pricked; 63. Apt. divisions.

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