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Saturday, September 5, 2009
Puzzle by Mike Nothnagel, edited by Will Shortz
Long clues are the main feature of this Saturday crossword, few of them of any help in the solution.
Across: 1. End, DEMISE; 7. Battle cry, IT’S WAR; 13. First monarch to be crowned Tsar of All Russia, IVAN IV; 14.Intensify, ESCALATE; 16. 1997 Demi Moore movie with the tagline “Failure is not an option”, G.I. JANE; 17. Note on a time-sensitive document, NEED ASAP; 18. Like a runner-up, often, SLOWER; 19. Spoiler of a sort, BAD APPLE; 20. Nab in a net, TRAWL; 21. It’s classified by the U.S.D.A. as red meat under cooking guidelines and as poultry under inspection standards, EMU; 22. Poivre’s counterpart, SEL; 23. What many rulers hold, SWAY; 24. Result of nonuse, ATROPHY; 28. Veto, NIX; 29. Endorse on a Web site, maybe, E-SIGN; 30. C√≥rdoba compass direction, OESTE; 34. Create a flip book, say, ANIMATE; 36. Like many bows, KNOTTED; 38. Secret words?, PSSTS; 39. DIE OF shame; 41. Entered a contest, RAN; 45. Setting for 10 U.SW. states: Abbr., CST; 48. New England sch. With campuses in Durham and Manchester, UNH; 49. Not dormant, AWAKE; 51. Field, e.g., OPEN AREA; 54. Bookbinder’s material, THREAD; 56. Pitcher who struck out the final batter of the 2007 World Series, PAPELBON; 57. “Lieben,” in German class, TO LOVE; 58. 1978 King novel re-released in a “Complete and uncut” version in 1990, THE STAND; 59. Winner of the 2002 Academy Award for Best Original Song, EMINEM; 60. Rig capacity, ONE TON; 61. Niche, RECESS.
Down: 1. Pad, DIGS; 2. Bad copies?, EVIL TWINS; 3. Line that passes through both of an ellipse’s foci, MAJOR AXIS; 4. Kind of, IN A WAY; 5. Strength provider, SINEW; 6. Company that provided equipment for the reality show “The Contender” EVERLAST; 7. Needed a coating of heated propylene glycol, say, ICED UP; 8. Finish line?, TADA; 9. Indicator of freshness?, SLAP; 10. With 52-Down, structure found under eaves, WASP’S; 11. “Gigantic (A TALE of Two Johns),” 2002 documentary about They Might Be Giants; 12. Turn off, REPEL; 14. Original host of “Breakfast at Wimbledon”, ENBERG; 15. Pet for which you can buy an Aqua-Leash, SEA MONKEY; 23. Spontaneous, SNAP; 25. Took a lot of punches?, TIED ONE ON; 26. Farrier’s focus, HOOF; 27. “Solitude is impractical and YET society is fatal”: Emerson; 29. Maneuver gingerly, EASE; 31. Call at home, STRIKE ONE; 32. What some predictions are based on, TEA LEAVES; 33. Housemother to Tootie, Natalie, Blair and Jo, EDNA; 35. “Lou Grant” production co., MTM; 37. “Whatever”, NO MATTER; 40. Under one’s command, IN HAND; 43. Garment that’s often reconstructed before each wearing, TURBAN; 44. Food used as an antiseptic during World War I, GARLIC; 45. Don’t deny, COP TO; 46. Braves pitcher who won the 1957 Cy Young Award, SPAHN; 47. Structure made from poles and hides, TEPEE; 50. Cry from the accused, WHO ME; 53. Mrs. Lovett in “Sweeney Todd,” for one, ALTO; 55. Majority of U.S. governors, as of 2009: Abbr., DEMS.
A note accompanies the electronic version of the puzzle: This crossword was the playoff puzzle at Lollapuzzoola, a crossword tournament directed by Brian Cimmet and Ryan Hecht, held in Jackson Heights, Queens, on August 22. The winner, Dan Feyer, of New York City, finished it perfectly in 7 minutes 10 seconds.
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