09.02.09 -- Crossroads

September 2, 2009
Puzzle by Jim Hyres, edited by Will Shortz
BROADWAY runs diagonally in life and in this crossword across the grid of numbered avenues represented here by EIGHTH NOTE (27D. Quaver), SEVENTH DAY (13D. Like some Adventists), SIXTH SENSE (24D. Intuition) and FIFTH WHEEL (9D. Superfluous person).
Times Square and the theater district are further represented in the crossword with the entries of
CARUSO (12A. Legendary opera star), who appeared at the old Met on 39th Street and Broadway for the aficionados of opera, and from the balcony of the Knickerbocker Hotel on 42nd and Broadway singing the same arias gratis to the hoi poloi. MERMAN (62A. Mythical sea creature) cannot help bring to mind that other incredible voice, albeit brassy, of Ethel -- both Ethel Merman and Enrico Caruso could be heard by thousands without amplification -- the naked, pure and powerful voice!
ABBA (1A. Source of the music for a 2001 theatrical hit), SHH (24A. Admonition to a cell phone user in a theater), SRO (53A. Theater sign), OUTSHINE (61A. Upstage), TYRA (65A. Banks on TV), ARENA (50D. Sports venue), RAHS (7D. Sounds from a 50-Down), HECHE (16D. Anne of HBO’s “Hung”), PEACE (23D. Cry in “Hair”); SHUE (52D. Address Elisabeth), 59D. SHA Na Na, ADORER (17A. Rabid fan) and ROAR (56D. Enthusiastic audience response) are other show biz bits scattered throughout the crossroads of the crossword.
Eight-letter entries include CLEANSER (25A. Comet, for one); CHOP SUEY (58A. Stir-fried entrée); IN A WHILE (15A. Shortly), NET SALES (47A. Some revenue);
SCHAEFER (18A. “The one beer to have when you’re having more than one” sloganeer).
Seven-letter -- ANNOYED (42D. Ticked off);
AURORAS (4D. Night lights); DISCERN (5D. Tell apart); EARHART (44D. Lady Lindy).
Six -- ANSWER (50A. Echo); AS A SON (60A. How a particularly close nephew may be treated); ON HIRE (54A. Available, as a London limo);
REOPEN (22A. Come back following renovations, say); REWOVE (19A. Fixed, as a tapestry); TETRAD (45A. Foursome); VIEWED (28A. Seen).
Five -- ANNEX (32A. Wing, perhaps); CHANT (25D. Sound from a monastery); DREAD (41A. Fear); DROSS (30D. Refuse); EAGLE (29D. Colonel’s insignia); HEELS (43A. Part of a dressy attire for a woman); HEIST (31A. Bank job);
INCAN (6D. Like the sun god Inti); LEVEE (26D. Army Corps of Engineers construction); NODES (33D. Bumps); OREOS (14D. Round snack items); RASPS (46D. Certain filers); TWO AM (48D. Bar closing time, often).
Short stuff -- ALER, Rent-A-CAR, ATAD, AVG, BADE, BROW, C AS in cat, CTRS, DIRT, EGO, ENNA, FAX, HAR and HAY, HOC, “The Lord IS MY shepherd …”, NEH, California’s Fort ORD, OTT, SCOT, SSNS, SUIT, TEE, TWA, VET, and
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Remaining clues -- Across: 5. Partner of grease; 9. Business card number; 21. Hubs: Abbr.; 34. Laugh syllable; 35. E.R.A. part: Abbr.; 36. Ad follower; 38. Giant slugger; 39. Something to stroke; 40. O.T. book; 49. Contents of a hoedown seat; 51. Identity theft targets: Abbr.; 63. Starting point for a long drive?; 64. Not much. Down: 1. Wished; 3. Arch above the eye; 8. Old carrier inits.; 10. Yank or Ray; 28. Dog doc; 51. Highlander, e.g.; 53. Dressy attire for a man; 57. Sicilian resort city.

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