09.25.09 -- CLUING

Whisper, by Mandaly Louis-Charles
September 25, 2009
Puzzle by Robert A. Doll, edited by Will Shortz
CLUING (1A. Informing, with “in”) is the lead entry of this Friday crossword which features three of fifteen letters -- IT’S A ZOO OUT THERE (16A. Frazzled commuter’s comment), DISTRESS SIGNALS (33A. Attempts to get help) and THE POWERS THAT BE (55A. Big decision makers) while DON’T TASE ME BRO slices down the center of the crossword with the cluing of Memorable catchphrase of 2007 -- making for a crossword cloaked in angst!
Other across: 7. St. Nicholas gives one in “A Visit From St. Nicholas”, NOD; 10. Chances, briefly, OPS; 13.
Collie, e.g., HERDER; 14. Where cells don’t work, DEAD SPOT; 18. Dot follower, EDU; 19. Punk, e.g., GENRE; 20. It may be raised at a table, ANTE; 21. Flicks, FILMS; 24. Lay IT ON; 25. Tent erector’s tool, MAUL; 26. Airplane sign images, SEAT BELTS; 28. Clear, PURGE; 29. SAL ammoniac (mineral found around volcanic vents); 30. Musical featuring Nubians, AIDA; 32. There can be a ring in it or on it, EAR; 38. Nigerian native, IBO; 39. Insurance shopper’s concern, RATE; 40. Grp. that discourages dropping out, NEA; 41. Correo AEREO; 43. Q&A part, AMPERSAND; 48. Wrestling event, MEET; 49. One leaving in the spring, TREE; 40. Robert Louis Stevenson setting, SAMOA; 51. Province between Palermo and Catania, ENNA; 52. Serenades for lovers parting at dawn, ALBAS; 54. Atlas abbr., STR; 59. Take on gingerly, EASE INTO; 60. Domestic denial, NO DEAR; 61. Things often passed on: Abbr., RDS; 62. French/Belgian border river, LYS; 63. Lets have it, SCOLDS.
Down: 1. A.F.C. team that has won one Super Bowl, CHIEFS; 2. Not bring up again, as a topic, LET DIE; 3.
“The Little Mermaid” villain, URSULA; 4. Oenone’s peak, IDA; 5. Part of a French face, NEZ; 6. Crew quaff, GROG; 7. Prozac might treat it, NEUROSIS; 8. Like some straw, OATEN; 9. “Silent Spring” subj., DDT; 10. Clearing, OPEN AREA; 11. Ancient Lusitania, now, PORTUGAL; 12. A.F.C. team that has won six Super Bowls, STEELERS; 15. Big name in aquatic tracks, SHAMU; 17. Part of a French face, OEIL; 22. MT ST Helens; 23. Italian fast-food chain, SBARRO; 27. Birthplace of Parmenides, ELEA; 28. They may interrupt meetings, PAGERS; 31. Enjoy a spread, DINE; 33. Ball measure, DIAMETER; 34. Gull’s cry, I BEEN HAD; 35. Ache, SORENESS; 36. They’re groomed in Hollywood, STARLETS; 37. Grp. Famous for its send-ups?, NASA; 42. L’ETAPE du Tour (annual cycling event); 44. Shepherd’s pie ingredients, PEAS; 45. Heineken brand, AMSTEL; 46. “I’m impressed man!”, NOT BAD; 47. Playground troublemakers, DARERS; 49. Like lions and tigers, TAWNY; 53. Dots on some maps: Abbr., STNS; 56. Loosen, in a way, OIL; 57. This, to Nero, HOC; 58. Rowdydow, ADO.
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