09.13.09 -- Bingo!

Sunday, September 13, 2009
LET’S PLAY BINGO, Puzzle by Todd Gross, edited by Will Shortz
Twelve entries corresponding to a bingo card in the center of the puzzle are the interrelated group of this Sunday crossword, all of which are clued as Mark your card!
Across -- 1. B SEVEN; 25. G FORTY-NINE; 60. I SIXTEEN; 73. B FIFTEEN; 111. I SEVENTEEN; 124. N FORTY.
The down entries -- 1. B TWELVE; 16. O SIXTY-ONE; 23. G FIFTY-THREE; 53. O SEVENTY-TWO; 75. I NINETEEN; 92. I TWENTY. Not being a bingo player, I’ll just reference Wikipedia on the subject of BINGO. Now, my only question is do we win!?!
Remaining across: 1. Items in an ed.’s in-box, MSS; 10. Covered, in a way, PAID; 14. Briefly, after “in”, A WORD; 19. 1960s-’70s Ford muscle car, TORINO; 20. On one’s OWN; 21. Companion of Artemis whom Zeus changed into a spring, AURA; 22. It comes after a “long time”, NO SEE; 22. The Pequod, e.g., WHALER; 24. Giggle syllable, HEE; 27. Slacken (off), EASE; 28. Sign off on, AGREE TO; 31. Emperor who married his stepsister, NERO; 32. Child of the 70’s, in brief, XER; 33. Third year in 31-Across’s reign, LVI; 34. Like any channel between 30 and 300 Mhz, VHF; 35. Plumbing or heating, TRADE; 37. Endangered Everglades mammal, MANATEE; 39. Starbucks size bigger than grande, VENTI; 41. Diagram used for brainstorming, IDEA MAP; 43. Other wide, ENEMY; 44. Manfred EIGEN, 1967 Chemistry Nobelist; 45. Classic Disney film that includes “The Nutcracker Suite”, FANTASIA; 47. Gravy holder, BOAT; 50. Hulu, e.g., NET TV; 52. Enter, COME INTO; 56. Pair, DYAD; 59. The Equality State: Abbr., WYO; 61. See 54-Down, DEPOSITS; 63. Parking lot mishap, DENT; 64. Lose luster, TARNISH; 65. State with the least populous capital, VERMONT; 70. Raison d’ETRE; 72. Thrown off course, DETAILED; 77. Genetic stuff, RNA; 78. Tailors, SEWS; 79. What “prn” on a prescription means, AS NEEDED; 80. Muscular Charles ATLAS; 82. Any trump, SUIT; 83. Worry words, OH ME OH MY; 89. The “it” in the 1990s slogan “Gotta have it”, PEPSI; 93. Writer Zora NEALE Hurston; 97. Opposite of charge, RETREAT; 98. Exposed sandbar, maybe, ISLET; 99. Prodded, NEEDLED; 101. Pigs, SLOBS; 102. Golfer Michelle WIE; 104. Org. headquartered in Detroit, UAW; 105. Cover girl Carol ALT; 106. Placed, LAID; 108. Vaughn’s co-star in “The Break-Up,” 2006, ANISTON; 110. “This round’s ON ME”; 114. Deuce, e.g., TIE; 115. Paris couturier Pierre CARDIN; 117. Occasional 1960s protest, LIE-IN; 118. Prefix with directional, OMNI; 119. What an aurilave cleans, EAR; 120. Affirm, with “to”, ATTEST; 121. Elates, SENDS; 122. Horse of a different color?, ROAN; 123. Genetic stuff, DNA.
Down: 2. “Me too”, SO HAVE I; 3. Writing’s opposite, ERASING; 4. Depraved, VILE; 5. Chemical suffix, ENE; 6. Singer Jones, NORAH; 7. Jay who once hosted “Last Comic Standing”, MOHR; 8. Better, as an offer, SWEETEN; 9. Mock, SNEER AT; 10. Places of worship, PAGODAS; 11. “AUF Wiedersehen”; 12. Monopoly token, IRON; 13. Statement of self-confidence, DARE ME; 14. “Who wants to go next?”, ANYONE; 15. With 49-Down, order at a Chinese restaurant, WON; 17. “Walk Away RENEE” (1966 hit by the Left Banke); 18. Combine that makes combines, DEERE; 26. Second-most common Vietnamese family name, after Nguyen, TRAN; 30. Novelist Janowitz, TAMA; 34. Hollywood crosser, VINE; 36. Prefix with center, EPI; 38. Circuit, AMBIT; 40. Bone attachment, TENDON; 42. World Economic Forum host city, DAVOS; 46. Base’s opposite, ACID; 48. Put away, ATE; 49. See 15-Down, TON; 51. Sick, TWISTED; 54. With 61-Across, prospectors’ targets, MINERAL; 55. The 13th item in a baker’s dozen, EXTRA; 56. Banned insecticide, DDT; 57. Vote for, YEA; 58. Mo. When the Civil War started, APR; 62. Number of wonders of el mundo antiguo, SIETE; 66. Department store department, MISSES; 67. Roar for a toreador, OLE; 68. Untested, NEW; 69. Football stat., TDS; 71. Within: Prefix, ENDO; 72. Soap opera, e.g., DRAMA; 73. Undergrad degs., BAS; 74. The A.C.C.’s Seminoles, FSU; 76. Celebrated in style, FETED; 81. “… blackbirds baked in A PIE”; 84. Baseball stat. HRS; 85. Skin colorer, MELANIN; 86. School near Windsor Castel, ETON; 87. Went around, ORBITED; 88. German mercenary, HESSIAN; 90. Spoils, PLUNDER; 91. Sailor’s vision obstructer, SEA MIST; 94. Popular 1940s radio show “ALLENS Alley”; 95. Get ready to fall, maybe, LEAN; 96. Star employee, EDITOR; 98. Does perfectly, NAILS; 100. ELSIE Janis, star of Broadway’s “Puzzles of 1925”; 103. Like some pyramids, INCAN; 107. Try it out, DEMO; 109. Trillion: Prefix, TERA; 110. “OR TO put it another way …”; 112. YouTube clip, for short, VID; 113. Bambi’s aunt, ENA; 116. Agcy. Regulating guns, ATF.
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mstabbe said...

I just started completing the puzzle using the electronic version available on newyorktimes.com. I completed the puzzle (too easy, once you figure out the theme), but, cannot get a score. Instead, I get the message, "You cannot request a score until after the solution is unscrambled." Does anyone know what this means?