09.26.09 -- Change Encounter

September 26, 2009
Puzzle by Joon Pahk, edited by Will Shortz
Across: 1.
Momentous 1960s convention, VATICAN II; 10. Transfix, RIVET; 15. “Hold your horses!”, IN A MOMENT; 16. Cooking product, AROMA; 17. Carefree, SANS SOUCI; 1. Takes out, DATES; 19. Right on, APT; 20. King TUT; 21. They may come with socks, SHINERS; 23. VERO Beach (former home of Dodgertown); 25. Team known as the Americans until 1907, RED SOX; 27. MS. Enclosure, SAE; 28. Axiom producer, ISUZU; 30. Enjoyed London or France, READ; 31. Take out, KILL; 32. Patron of barristers and notaries, ST MARK; 34. Swing set players?, BIG BANDS; 36. Capital of East London, RAND; 38. Bosom, DEAR; 39. Domain of Paul Bunyan, FOLKLORE; 43. Author of the controversial kids’ book “In the Night Kitchen”, SENDAK; 17. Flag in a garden, IRIS; 48. Pope who excommunicated Martin Luther, LEO X; 50. 1971-97 nation name, ZAIRE; 51. Abbr. for some generals, RET; 52. Nose-in-the-air types?, PLANES; 54. Particle named for a letter of the alphabet, KAON; 55. Nathaniel Hawthorne story subtitled “The Bosom-Serpent”, EGOTISM; 57. Part of an Avignon address, RUE; 59. Do without much daring?, BUN; 60. 1-Across topic, LATIN; 61. Put together, JUXTAPOSE; 64. Hard to get a reaction out of, INERT; 65. Judge’s cry, OVER-RULED; 66. Where the owl and the pussycat went, in a poem, TO SEA; 67. Cell organelle with microtubules, BASAL BODY.
Down: 1.
In relation to, VIS A VIS; 2. “In the Mood,” e.g., ANAPEST; 3. Fit, TANTRUM; 4. Contacts 21st century-style, IMS; 5. Fare, e.g., COST; 6. Dijon darling, AMOUR; 7. Like it, NEUTER; 8. Business end?, INC; 9. “According to some …”, IT IS SAID; 10. Base of a number system, RADIX; 11. Bahai’s birthplace, IRAN; 12. Provides with a seat, VOTES IN; 13. May symbol, EMERALD; 14. Clothes hangers?, TASSELS; 22. His #14 was retired by the Mets, HODGES; 24. Location of the Boston Mountains and Buffalo River, OZARKS; 26. Miss throwing a ball, DEB; 29. Territory east of Ukraine on a Risk board, URAL; 31. Egyptian temple complex near Luxor, KARNAK; 33. Small rises, KNOLLS; 35. “And a Voice to Sing With” memoirist, BAEZ; 37. Worker’s ideal, DREAM JOB; 39. Romantic, perhaps, FIRE LIT; 40. Cousin of catnip, OREGANO; 41. Figure of speech like “no mean feat”, LITOTES; 42. Gigayear, EON; 44D. Game involving spinning a top on a string, DIABOLO; 45. Like a cat playing in catnip, AROUSED; 46. Successor to Powell on the Supreme Court, KENNEDY; 49. Victor at Thermopylae, 480 B.C., XERXES; 42. One of a sailing trio, PINTA; 53. Hindu maxim, SUTRA; 56. Flag, TIRE; 58. N.B.A. legend Monroe with a signature spin move, EARL; 62. It was founded by Thos. Jefferson, U VA; 63. Bath suds spot?, PUB.
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