06.12.10 — Eye Rhyme

Crosswords Graffiti in Ghent — wall growing in the Heilig sacramentenstraat, near the Veldstraat, 2007 — photo by Isabel Allaert


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Puzzle by Joe DiPietro, edited by Will Shortz

Across — 1. Red Guards, BEEFEATERS; 11 Let go, FIRE; 15. Corporate giant based in Irving, Tex., EXXON-MOBIL; 16. Pallid, ASHY; 17 Much-thanked group, THE ACADEMY; 18. “That’s LIFE”; 19. Sitcom character who said “Not many people know this, but I happen to be famous”, SAM MALONE; 20. Promising site, ALTAR; 21. Aid, to Eliza Doolittle, ‘ELP; 22. Tony’s consigliore, familiarly, on “The Sopranos”, SIL; 23. Tell, SNITCH; 24. “Not YET”; 25. A throne has one, HEIR; 27. Form of government, POLITY; 28. 1994 Kathleen Turner movie, SERIAL MOM; 30. One with an M., MME; 33. First N.F.L. player to record 100 receptions in a season, ART MONK; 35. Homophone of 25-Across, ERE; 36. “Love Is the Drug” group, 1976, ROXY MUSIC; 38. Really enjoying something, INTO IT; 39. Certain match results, TKOS; 42. Club wielder’s club: Abbr., PGA; 45. Bars under cars, STRUTS; 46. 47-Across hire, CPA; 47. See 46-Across, IRS; 48. Short-billed rail, CRAKE, and/or THIS or THESE; 49. Stephen King novel, SALEM’S LOT; 52. Astronomical unit, AEON; 53. Was on a treadmill, RAN IN PLACE; 54. Electronic product sensation of 2005, NANO; 55. “I don’t have time to answer you”, ASK ME LATER; 56. Bunch, SLEW; 57. Miller Park squad, THE BREWERS.

Down — 1. Fashion designer Johnson, BETSEY; 2. Release, EXHALE; 3. Release, EXEMPT; 4. Bud head, FOAM; 5. Convert at Barclays, say, ENCASH; 6. Norwegian novelist/feminist AMALIE Skram; 7. Things that get longer and longer for procrastinators, TO-DO LISTS; 8. Irving Bacheller’s “EBEN Holden”; 9. Natural coat, RIME; 10. Sneaking, SLY; 11. Become sick, FALL ILL; 12. “Now?”, IS IT TIME; 13. Typing concern, RH FACTOR; 14. Wood for food, maybe, EYE RHYME; 20. Strong as AN OAK; 23. Electron property, SPIN; 26. Invoice word, REMIT; 29. Do some scaling, ROCK CLIMB; 30. Diagnostic aids, MRI SCANS; 31. City originally called Ville-Marie, MONTREAL; 32. Spare, EXTRA ONE; 33. Somewhat, A MITE; 34. Furrows, RUTS; 37. “The more I think about it …”; YOU KNOW; 40. Kitchen drawer item, OPENER; 41. Try, SAMPLE; 42. Steiger’s “Jesus of Nazareth” role, PILATE; 43. One who’s happy when his stock goes down?, GROCER; 44. Goldilocks and others, ASTERS; 49. One might say “Nevada” in Las Vegas, SASH; 50. Huber of women’s tennis, ANKE; 51. Barbecue offering, SLAW; 53. Not a good confidant, RAT.


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