06.07.10 — It's OK with ME...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Puzzle by Lynn Lempel, edited by Will Shortz

IT’S OK WITH ME (62A. “Sure, go ahead” … and a literal hint to what’s found in 17-, 26-, 38- and 53-Across), COOKING TIME (17A. Recipe guideline for a hot dish), BROKEN HOME (26A. Family divided by divorce), POKER GAME (38A. High-stakes draw in Las Vegas) and SMOKED MEAT (53A. Pastrami, for one) are the interrelated group of this Monday crossword — it’s OK with ME!

Other — A A MILNE (42D. “Now We Are Six” poet), ENZYMES (47D. They help digest food), IRON MAN (2D. Certain triathlete), JUST OUT (11D. Hot off the press), LIONIZE (3D. Treat as a celebrity), LOST ART (41D. Skill that no one has anymore), OPERATE (27D. Do surgery), PROMISE (43D. Declaration sometimes made with crossed fingers behind the back), ROUGHLY (46D. More or less), TEA SETS (13D Dishes for doll parties)…

… and then there’s this unfortunate trio — ABYSS (72D. Chasm), CRUDE (68A. Oil directly from a well), PIT (32A. Deep hole) — not OK with anyone!

Mid-size — ARIEL, ASKED, AT BAT, DENIM, EDICT, GONERS (52D. Dead ducks), IOTAS, KINGS (28D. Old Testament books labeled I and II), RACIER (1D. More risqué), RAZORS (30A. Barber’s tools), RILES, RULER, SARONG (51A. Pacific island garment wrapped around the waist), STEIN (10D. Gertrude who wrote “Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose”), TIMID, TUNAS, TYPED, WAGER, WOODS.

Short stuff — ALI, DAM, CURE, EMIR (24A. Persian Gulf leader), EEK, ETNA, EURO (40D. Continental currency), GYN, INN, JUT, KURD (39D. Many a northern Iraqi), LAP, LIRA (59D. Turkey’s currency), NEMO, NIBS, OARS, OBI, ODE on a Grecian Urn“, OHS, OTT, OUZO (56A. Greek liqueur), PIE, RIT, RINS, ROMP, ROOT, SKI, SLIP, 58A. Spain’s Costa del SOL, STA, STOW, SUET, SUP, TDS, TEE, TRY, TUB, UNE (16A. French “a”), YMCA.


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Angers, with “up”; 6. Forest; 11. Protrude; 14. Disney’s “little mermaid”; 15. Facing the pitcher; 19. Railroad stop: Abbr.; 20. Cozy lodging; 21. Lure for Simple Simon; 22. Smidgens; 30. Barbers’ tools; 33. Fat used for tallow; 34. Captain of Jules Verne’s Nautilus; 37. Football scores, for short; 44. Fish often destined for cans; 45. Medical success; 48. Gear for gondolas; 50. Gradually slowing, in music: Abbr.; 57. Fainthearted; 60. Ob-__ (med. Specialty); 61. Rope-a-dope boxer; 67. IV adjusters; 69. 12” stick; 70. Golf peg; 71. Entered via a keyboard. DOWN: 4. “Yikes!”; 5. Sales receipt; 6. Transaction at a racetrack; 7. Slugger Mel; 8. Kimono closer; 9. Hoover ___; 18. Penpoints; 23. Cries of excitement; 25. Frolic; 31. Tooth of plant part; 35. Jeans fabric; 36. Family rec facility; 49. Vacation at Vail, maybe; 51. Store (away); 4. Formal decree; 55. Queried; 63. Give it a shot; 64. Dine; 66. Rubber ducky’s spot.

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