06.29.10 — On the Prowl

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Puzzle by Peter A. Collins, edited by Will Shortz

BLACK AND WHITE (39A. With 41- and 43-Across, cop cruiser … or a description of the fife animals named in this puzzle), SNOW LEOPARD (20A. Asian cat), KILLER WHALE (60A. Shamu, for one), ZEBRA (13D. Equus quagga), PANDA (30D. One of the 2008 Olympic mascots) and SKUNK (53D. Polecat) constitute the interrelated group of this Tuesday crossword.

Other — BINOCULAR (3D. Like some vision), DAMPENED (42D. Made less intense), LEONORA (25A. Heroine of Verdi’s “Il Trovatore”), LET IT BE (45D. 1970 #1 hit whose title follows the lyric “Speaking words of wisdom …”), SENORITA (6D. Potential enamorada), SIMULATOR (36D. Flight training equipment), SOWHAT (51D. “Who cares?”), SPRINTS (53A. Some track-and-field training), STARE AT (9D. Ogle).

Mid-size — ALOSS, AWIRE, BRAWL (4D. Melee), CLEAR, DONOW, ECOLI, ERATO, HOTEL, KLINK, LOBBY, NACHO, NAVAL, PENAL, PROWL (57A. Move stealthily), POSEY, RISER, SCROLL (44A. Form of many a diploma), SLOES, TERSE, TIMOR, TOCSIN (35A. Alarm bell), WHOLE, YELLED (5D. Bellowed).

Short stuff — AMAS, ANA, ARIE, ATOP, BALE, BARR, “La Belle et la BETE” (French fairy tale), CALC, DAB, DRIP, EARS, EBBS, ECU, ELSE, ESTD, ETAT, IAMB, ITEM, KOI, KYRA, LAPS, LESS, LIE, LOTT, MAI, METZ, NEED, NENA, NOVA, OMEN and OWEN, RDA, SANS, STA, TOON, TOR, UMA, and we‘re “Back in the USSR.


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