06.09.10 — Red Starts

Heron's work was strongly influenced by French artists such as Pierre Bonnard and Henri Matisse, with their sensuous feeling for colour. The vibrant shades of red in this painting are typical of Heron's work.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Puzzle by Gary Whitehead, edited by Will Shortz

REDSTARTS and/or RED STARTS (34A. Boldly patterned warblers … and a hint to 17-, 24-, 50 and 59-Across), BLOOD MONEY (17A. Part of a drug lord’s income, maybe), CHERRY CRUSH (24A. Fruity soda), RUBY TUESDAY (50A. Rolling Stones hit of 1967) and BRICKLAYER (59A. Certain mason) are the interrelated group of this Wednesday crossword.

The puzzle features a dozen seven-letter down answers — CABARET (40. 1966 musical based on “I Am a Camera”), ECONOMY (3. Rental car choice), EMBLEMS (1. Flexible blades), ENTREES (44. Sides accompaniers), FINESSE (12. Deft touch), 38. Author Zora Neale HURSTON of the Harlem Renaissance, IN UTERO (39. Not yet born), LASORDA (45. World Series-winning manager of 1981 and 1988), OROTUND (11. Like a good speaking voice), PILED UP (2. Amassed), USO SHOW (13. Base entertainment), ZEPHYRS (43. Gentle breezes).

Mid-size — ACRED, ASNER, BOSSA nova, BY NAME, CLEAR, DECAY, EGRET (51D. Everglades wader), EPEES, EVEN SO, HAZEL (42A. Eye shade), MICRO, Actress Mary Tyler MOORE, MOTES, MUMBAI (26A. “Slumdog Millionaire” setting), SELENA (49A. Singer portrayed in film by Jennifer Lopez), SLITS, SPY ON, STAND, TIN ORE (10D. Cassiterite, e.g.), UNABLE (46A. Powerless).

Short stuff — AREA, BMI, BOR, CANE, DEW and DIEU, EDO, EROS, GLEN, HIC, IMAX, Res IPSA loquitur, IRIS (16A. Eye part), ISM, ITSY-bitsy, LAB, LENS (20A. Eye part), LTD, MACS, MAHI, MCV, META, NO NO, NOTE, OREM, OSLO, PTA and PTS, SAL, SANK, 32D. “Yakety SAX,” 1963 hit, SOD and SOY, TACO Bell, TERA, THE Y (36D. Place with a gym), “Comin’ THRO the Rye”, TOFU, YEAR (25D. Oenophile’s concern).


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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 1. Flexible blades; 6. Machines that run Panther or Leopard; 10. Bean curd; 14. Prefix with brewery; 15. Home of King Harald V; 19. Burping in public, e.g.; 21. Field of expertise; 22. Small particles; 23. Shogun’s capital; 28. Still; 29. Watch furtively; 33. You might get your feet wet with this; 38. Minute Maid drink brand; 41. Big film shower; 54. Liq. Measures; 55. Prepare to recite the Pledge of Allegiance; 56. Hidden valley; 58. Trillion: Prefix; 61. City in Utah; 62. Prefix with physics; 63. Many-___ (large, as an estate); 64. Half, quarter or eighth follower. DOWN: 4. Cupid’s Greek counterpart; 5. Stuff sold in rolls; 7. Co-star of 6-Down in 1970s TV; 8. Cloudless; 9. ___ milk; 18. When doubled, a fish; 22. When Emperor Henry IV was dethroned; 24. Fred Astaire prop; 27. Staten Isl., for one; 30. Doctrine; 31. Educ. Group; 35. Target of Pierre’s prayers; 37. “The best pal that I ever had,” in song; 47. How famous people are known; 48. Brit. Company name ending; 49. Went under; 52. Skirt features; 53. Break down; 59. Ascap alternative; 60. Science course requirement, maybe.


David said...


"A place with a gym" - "they"


DONALD said...


The "Y" as in The YMCA.

David said...

Thanks, Donald.

Funny thing, this puzzle was originally published a month before the YMCA changed their name to "The 'Y'" :)