06.02.10 — Gone Fishing

Sun Rising Through Vapour, Fishermen Cleaning and Selling Fish, 1807, J. M. W. Turner, National Gallery, London.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Puzzle by Adam Cohen, edited by Will Shortz

ROD and REEL, LINE and HOOK found out of order in LIGHTNING ROD (20A. Metaphorical target of attacks), CAPTAIN HOOK (35A. Captor of Wendy Darling), WHAT’S MY LINE (42A. Game show originally titled “Occupation Unknown”) and VIRIGINA REEL (56A. Dance with fiddlers and a caller) are the interrelated group of this slightly tangled, but otherwise neatly woven Wednesday crossword.

Other — There might very well be a good amount of spare time to go fishing with ALIMONIES (37D. Severance package payments?) and STRIKE PAY (6D. Compensation during a work stoppage) as income — as pairings, HEADACHE (10D. Ibuprofen target) and STRIVING (39D. Trying hard) also fit nicely together. Another couple are EARTHA (48D. Kitt in a cabaret) and ESTHER (4D. “Sanford and Son” aunt). Sharing their B are OBIT and ORBIT (17A Bye lines?, 2D. Go round and round).  One more pair, ISLET and KEY, both clued as a Speck in the Ocean.

Mid-size — AGILE, AIOLI (27D. Garlicky sauce), Grande ALLEE (Québec’s main drag), BALMY, BEIGE, BRIER, CEASE, DEL RAY Beach, Fla., DIGIT, ELEGY, GIGLI (51D. Movie bomb of 2003), GOALS, HOWDY, INKED (28D. Sporting tattoos, slangily), KOOLS, LAILA and LAINE (7D. “Rawhide” singer Frankie), MASAI (25A. Tribesman of Kenya or Tanzania), NARCS, O’SHEA, PECTIN (31A. It makes jelly gel), PIANO (31D. Forte’s opposite), REHAB, SEISM, SLIPS, STALE, STEER, STORK, YASIR.

Short stuff — ABES, ACME (19A. Looney Tunes manufacturer), George Harrison’s “All Those Years AGO”, ARC, ERIC, ERLE Stanley Gardner, ETNA, HAJI, HASP, HOG, ICE, IRON, ISBN, ITEM, JIM, The Cisco KID, KOBE (1A. Japanese beef center), MOTE, NON, OMEN, ORES, OSOS, PING, Broccoli RABE, RDAS, SARI, TERR, THAI, TIL, TRAC, URI, ZIP + 4, ZUNI (59A. New Mexico native).

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Remaining clues — ACROSS: 10. Visitor to Mecca; 14. Sources of gold, e.g.; 15. Cliched; 16. Holder in the Obama cabinet; 18. Prickly plant; 23. Roundup animal; 32. Grab most of; 38. Bears, in Baja; 40. Boxer Ali; 47. Bit of dust; 49. Oslo Accords partner of Yitzhak and Bill; 52. Some border patrol cops; 62. One of 101 in a googol; 63. Cusine that includes pad see ew; 64. It may let off steam; 66. Diary fastener; 67. Unwanted engine sound; 68. Richter scale event; 69. Sawbuck halves. DOWN: 1. Mentholated smokes; 3. Color that blends well; 5. Amazon.com ID; 8. Poem of lament; 9. La., e.g., from 1805 to 1812; 11. Circumference section; 12. Olympian Thorpe; 13. Beverage store buy; 21. ___ II (razor brand); 22. Eclipse, to the impressionable; 26. Image on many a birth announcement; 30. Like Indian summer days; 32. Cowboy’s greeting; 33. Milo of “The Playboys”; 34. What a shut-out team may lack; 36. Up to, in ads; 43. “Slumdog Millionaire” garb; 44. Sicilian spewer; 50. Like a ballerina; 53. Post-surgery regimen, for short; 54. “Give it a rest!”; 55. Errata; 57. Vitamin label amts.; 58. Agenda part; 60. Altdorf’s canton; 61. ___ troppo (moderately, in music).

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